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Managing data using CSPro

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1 Managing data using CSPro

2 Introduction You were exposed to methods of data collection and statistical methods of data analysis in the previous sessions of this Training Programme, that is, in B1,B2 and in some sessions of the Intermediate Level. The main objective of this session is to introduce you to CSPro as a software used in managing data. Managing data, generally involves transferring data from the questionnaire (paper) to the computer. This process entails:

3 Introduction cont’d Editing of questionnaires: There is need to edit questionnaires, that is, checking for completeness, accuracy, and consistency. This process is sometimes called data cleaning. Note that, editing is done both in the field by enumerators and when the questionnaires get to the Office by Office staff. 2. Coding: This involves putting responses into categories and this applies mostly to questionnaires containing open-ended questions. This therefore implies that coding is not necessary in cases where questionnaires with closed-ended questions have been used.

4 3 Keying in the data into a computer:
Introduction Cont’d 3 Keying in the data into a computer: This involves punching in data into a computer using Spreadsheets, such as EXCEL or data base programs like ACCESS, and a purposively designed software such as CSPro. Excel, though commonly used in most NSOs, is not suitable for surveys/censuses or large data sets.

5 What is CSPro? It is an acronym for Census and Survey Processing System The software was jointly developed by the U.S. Census Bureau, Macro International and Serpro SA. Development of the software was funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development.

6 Features of CSPro It combines the features of an Integrated Microcomputer Processing System (IMPS) and the Integrated System for Survey Analysis (ISSA) in a Windows environment. It doesn’t run under other operating systems such as Linux or Mac OS.

7 Who needs CSPro? Individuals and institutions that collect, analyze, and publish census and survey data.

8 What is it used for? It is a software package used to process data from censuses and surveys, both large or small. Used for entry, editing, tabulation and dissemination of census and survey data.

9 Where can it be obtained?
CSPro is in the public domain. This means that it is available at no cost and may be freely distributed. Available for download at One must register to download the software.

10 What are CSPro’s capabilities?
The software is capable of doing the following; Process census and survey data Enter, modify and verify data Manipulate data files Tabulate data Create thematic maps Use and share external files Examine data files Interactive editing Examine results of editing

11 CSPro Modules CSPro comes in the following modules: Data entry applications Batch edit applications Cross Tabulation applications Tools

12 Installing CSPro on your PC
There are two ways of doing this: Install from a CD/DVD Install a file that has already been downloaded from the website. In your case, a CD/DVD has been provided for this Exercise so option 1 becomes applicable.

13 Installing CSPro from a DVD
Instructions to follow: Watch the demonstration about how to install CSPro. Place CD/DVD in the CD-ROM drive Wait for some seconds for the installation programme to launch. Follow the step by step set up process outlined through a series of dialogue boxes.

14 Points to note Take note of the following: Language for installation During installation you will be presented with a language screen that will give the option to choose a language of operation. Depending on the country of origin, choose either English, French, or Portuguese, from the given list of languages, after which you click NEXT. Note that CSPro menu options, dialogue boxes and the help system are only available in English.

15 Points to note cont’d Selecting components for Installation This allows you to select parts of CSPro to install e.g. CSPro (all components) Data entry operator Data dissemination Custom installation Since you want to install all the components of CSPro, option 1 will be appropriate for you.

16 Uninstalling CSPro Use the following steps: From the start button, select settings and then control panel. Select add/remove programmes. From the list of currently installed programmes, select CSPro 3.3. Click change/remove button. Select the type of installation, click remove and then next. Click OK

17 Resources Demonstration on how to install CSPro on your PC PowerPoint presentation on CSPro


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