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The Legacy of the Occupation Patrick Modianos Dora Bruder.

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1 The Legacy of the Occupation Patrick Modianos Dora Bruder

2 Representing the unrepresentable To write poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric Theodor Adorno

3 Structure of todays lecture Vichy France and the Jews Reading Dora Bruder as social history Patrick Modiano Dora Bruder: Histoire/histoire Memory and Oblivion Places and Traces Making connections

4 The Jewish population in France History of the Jewish population in France Emancipation and Anti-Semitism The Dreyfus Affair C20th Immigration Russian pogroms World War I/Russian Revolution 1930s rise of Hitler

5 Vichy France and the Jews Vichy and Nazi legislation 1940 Statut des juifs 1941 Revised Statut des juifs Registration and wearing of yellow star Round-ups and movement restrictions July 1942 rafle: Les Tourelles and Drancy camp Statistics

6 Reading Dora Bruder as social history Origins of parents Registration of Jews Different categories of Jews Exclusion of veterans Wearing of the yellow star Police round-ups (rafles)

7 Patrick Modiano Born 1945 Father of Jewish Italian origin First novel: La Place de létoile (1968) Rue des boutiques obscures (1978) Prix Goncourt

8 Dora Bruder: Histoire/histoire Fact, Fiction and Truth

9 Documents Newspaper advert Birth register School register Registration of Jews Police register Letters to and from camps Deportation list to Auschwitz

10 Fictional sources Victor Hugo, Les Misérables Patrick Modiano, Voyage de noces Film: Premier Rendezvous Fredo Lampe, Am Rande der Nicht Felix Hartlaub, Notes et impressions Roger Gilbert-Lecomte Maurice Sachs Jean Genet, Miracle de la Rose

11 Fact and Fiction And here is what disturbs me: at the end of their flight across a district whose topography and street-names have been invented by Victor Hugo, Cosette and Jean Valjean just manage to escape a police patrol by slipping behind a wall. […] This garden where the pair hide is that of a convent, which Victor Hugosituates precisely at no. 62 Rue de Petit-Picpus, the same address as that of the Convent of the Holy Heart of Mary where Dora was a boarder. (46-7;51-2)

12 Memory and Oblivion Memory and Forgetting Collaboration and Guilt

13 Traces and Places Ghosts on Parisian streets Changes between past and present Zone militaire. Défense de filmer et de photographier

14 Making connections… Structure of Dora Bruder Coincidences Identification of Modiano/narrator with Doras story Modianos running away/arrest Position of reader

15 Dhier à aujourdhui D'hier à aujourd'hui. Avec le recul des années, les perspectives se brouillent pour moi, les hivers se mêlent l'un à l'autre. Celui de 1965 et celui de (8; 10) La ville était déserte [le 19 septembre], comme pour marquer labsence de Dora. Depuis, le Paris où jai tenté de retrouver sa trace est demeuré aussi désert et silencieux que ce jour-là. (137;144)

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