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The Legacy of Colonialism La Haine (dir. Matthieu Kassovitz)

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1 The Legacy of Colonialism La Haine (dir. Matthieu Kassovitz)

2 La Haine: a postcolonial film? Race, Ethnicity and Immigration Les banlieues La Haine

3 Race, Ethnicity and Immigration Brief history of immigration Post WWII reconstruction North African immigrants (the Maghreb) million immigrants million immigrants DOM-TOM

4 Race, Ethnicity and Immigration French by birth French by naturalization Foreign workers

5 Race, Ethnicity and Immigration Changing economic climate: 1970s and 1980s Rising unemployment rates Jean-Marie Le Pens Front National Loi Méhaignerie 1993 Fear of Muslim fundamentalism

6 Assimilation or Cultural Difference? Liberty, Equality, Fraternity Laffaire du foulard If all citizens are equal, what space is there to understand social stratification based on gender, ethnic group or income? Cathy Lloyd in Modern France, ed. Malcolm Cook

7 Les banlieues million logements sociaux Les HLM (Habitations à Loyer Modéré) Les banlieues and ethnic minorities The ghettos of France? Sarcelles in 1990, 80 nationalities La Haine/Do the Right Thing (Spike Lee)

8 La Haine (1995) Social documentary? Characters Plot Allusions to other films Camerawork, sound and editing

9 La Haine (1995) Social documentary? A kid got shot in the 18 th arrondissement and maybe 500 people came to the demonstration in the street. 2 million people came to see our movie Vincent Cassel

10 La Haine (1995) Characters

11 La Haine (1995) Plot Time Jusquici tout va bien C17th classical drama

12 La Haine (1995) Allusions to other films Taxi Driver Mean Streets Boyz N. The Hood

13 La Haine (1995) Camerawork Sound Editing

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