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The Student Experience Tom Finnigan Director Student Based Services.

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1 The Student Experience Tom Finnigan Director Student Based Services

2 Context Lancaster University is ranked highly by students for the student experience it offers.

3 Context - NSS For Overall Satisfaction Lancaster ranks consistently above the 94 Group average, but slightly below the top 10% For all the other headings Lancasters results closely map the average for the 94 Group whilst being significantly below the top 10%. The biggest gaps between Lancasters performance and that of the top 10% are in Assessment and Feedback and Personal Development

4 Context Staff are keen to support students and often go the extra mile to solve the issue. The support systems and process have developed over time and change has tended to be more organic rather than evidence based.

5 Context This has tended to deliver in general a more reactive and provider focussed approach to service delivery rather than a more proactive and student/user focussed service delivery. There is a requirement to make the engagement easier, holistic and more effective for the student.

6 Moving Forward Students need to be able to find the information and support they need, when they need it, without having to understand how the University is structured.

7 Moving Forward We need to achieve this with our current resource and requires us to: be more efficient at delivering the basic information and services, review our processes to ensure that student contact with specialist staff is appropriate and effective. maximise the use of on-line and self service opportunities.

8 Moving Forward Improve the use of technology. Most services will be able to offer a level of support 24/7, 365 days. A staffed front line support desk where staff have a broad knowledge of student issues and are able to respond to enquiries and problems that students have not been able to resolve using the technology.

9 Moving Forward The front line staff will refer students to more specialised services when this is required. Specialist staff will support the front line support desk supplying detailed and complex advice and guidance. Extended opening hours will also be required for some services.

10 Moving Forward The colleges help to develop social activities and also offer support and are an important factor in Lancaster University scoring highly in student engagement. The engagement and support is not equitable across all the colleges. There is a lack of data sharing and partnership between the colleges and at the centre SBS.

11 Moving Forward Using appropriate technology and procedures the colleges can act as remote versions of a central one stop shop. This improves student access to services. College Residence Officers and the College Administrators already engage with students and this can be further developed. This will strengthen the role of colleges in supporting students

12 Year 1 Engagement Role of the colleges in particular The JCRs in developing the culture of the student engagement with the college and the university a multi-cultural community a supportive community The college tutor system has potential to support student engagement with the university.

13 Engagement Withdrawals - UG

14 Year 1 Engagement Creating environments that reduce stumbling blocks and distractions to student learning so that students will persist, develop, and succeed as students are important priorities for the colleges and university as a whole. The first-year experience is a key activity by which the university can build increased retention and graduation rates.

15 Know your membership Surveys and Feedback Amount Time and cost Effectiveness Does it drive change? Rationalise and share – track outcomes

16 Colleges 2010

17 Student Community The aim in the University Strategic Plan is that numbers of international students will increase by 50% by 2015. intakes in 5 years time would be: Home entry Overseas entry UG 2540 total 7147 UG 508, total 1252 (excludes LUISC foundation yr) PGT 603 total 603 PGT 774, total 774 PGR 277 total 701 PGR 111, total 277

18 Student Community Graduate College would need to grow by 400, from 850 to about 1250 rooms. The number of places for undergraduate returners would drop by nearly 25% (from 2573 to 1989). The proportion of the rooms allocated to students with guarantees would increase from a third to a half.

19 Colleges 2015

20 Student Community We need to consider our residence policies to: better manage the future community mix develop procedures to respond to increasing placement activity across the curriculum this is both UK and overseas based. While retaining income levels.

21 Graduate Employment and Employability The university has made a significant impact on the league tables in respect of employability but it is now crucial that this gain be built on to enable us to stay ahead of our competitors. Engagement with employers is vital particularly in light of the report from BISThe future of universities in a knowledge economy which stresses that our graduates need to be fit-for-purpose in relation to the workplace

22 Graduate Employment and Employability This requires improved partnerships with Faculties/departments to deliver context based employability skills. business partner model support for developing placements insight courses linked to the curriculum Lancaster Award - employer engagement Better use of DHLE information and greater transparency for prospective students

23 Graduate Employment and Employability What are your biggest issues with embedding employability assets in the curriculum? What are your issues with CEEC?

24 Student Journey Equitability and simplicity Services on offer CSLT working group Importance of SBS working with Faculties and Schools The Library The Colleges LUSU

25 Student Journey – touch points Quick win Is there something that we do that we can amend, drop or adopt that would improve the student journey through the university? How could central student support services contribute and assist Faculties and Schools to achieve improved performance by the University in the NSS?

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