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Bad habits and summation. Recap How many now action then attacks can you remember?

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1 Bad habits and summation

2 Recap How many now action then attacks can you remember?

3 Recap Status quo is wrong Action will not lead to the then Then is worse than the now Harm isnt really a harm Logical inconsistency Holes in the mech Action leads to a different then Then doesnt change the status quo Counter prop, find a better action for the same then Action is more harmful then the now Action leads to a greater harm

4 Self depreciation The problem: Saying you know nothing about the subject Saying you will be a bit crap Talking in an unconfident way Apologising before you even star How to improve: Man up- your job as a debater is to convince the judge that what you are saying is correct, even if you have completely made it up. Confidence is the key. If it was your first Monday night or IV speech, tell your partner, if they are going second they can commend your efforts, and make you look awesome. Turn ers and erms into pauses.

5 Fidgeting The problem: Foot shuffling/ bouncing Unnecessary hand movements Covering the mouth Scratching your self Playing with papers ect Ways to improve: Man up- Confidence is they key! Watch yourself in a mirror Get your mates to watch you

6 Analysis The problem: Making lots and lots of awesome points but not backing them up. Not giving yourself enough time. Ways to improve: Ask WHY something is happening: Who and what, How, Why do you care? Think the judge is stupid! Explain every thing to them. Follow through your thought processes... Therefore

7 POIs The problem: POI jack in a boxes Not giving POIs Not taking POIs Ways to improve: Space out your POIs, they have to be current, more likely to be taken if you are not epically scary. Even only one POI looks good Choose your moment, be in control

8 Banter The problem: Unrelated conversation within the debate Answering back Being too loud Ways to improve: Dont do it Notes

9 Personal experiences The Problem: Personal experience looks bad They become irrelevant Ways to improve: Make it into an example Think it through

10 Good habits! They make us pretty darn awesome

11 Style Creativity Ability Engagement

12 Summation

13 Role Sum up the debate as a whole Find 3 points of clash Show how your side and team has won the debate Rebut previous speakers ( within speech)

14 Judging Guidelines Summaries should summarise the debate. They should be a comparison of the two sides, showing why the speakers sides points win. Prop summaries may introduce new material as rebuttal, but it would always be better for such material to come out in the extension speech if possible. Opp summaries may not contain anything new. If summary speakers entirely drop the material of the first team on their side, this means they are not summarizing the debate. Obviously, it is crucially important that summaries (and rebuttal generally) do not drop the best or most important points made by the other side.

15 What do you actually need to say? Find 3 points of clash, and answer these questions for each point: – What points have been true in the debate? – Why are they true? – Why are their points false? – Therefore why does your team win? 3 of your partners points and one from further up the table. (unless your partners points didnt stand)

16 What do you actually have to do? During prep time, help your partner with their points, two heads are better than one. Think about what the points of clash might be. During the debate, write down key points made and make notes of clashes. Also record your rebuttal so you can weave it in. Make points of information through out, you can then flag these points in your speech.

17 Practice Debate THW allow individuals to sell themselves into slavery.

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