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Investing in the future ESRC Funding Opportunities Michael Bright, ESRC.

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1 Investing in the future ESRC Funding Opportunities Michael Bright, ESRC

2 ESRC Funding Opportunities Context: Who are the ESRC? We are the UKs leading agency for funding research and training in economic and social issues. We support top quality social science research and world class social scientists. We inform business, the public and voluntary sectors and government on key issues – from the economy to our quality of life.

3 ESRC Funding Opportunities Context: How do we Spend the Money? Total ESRC Budget: £108m in 2003/04 rising to £127m in 2005/06. Split 4 main ways Strategic Research Board - £34m in 2003/04 Research Grants Board - £20m in 2003/04 Research Resources Board - £21m in 2003/04 Training and Development Board - £27m in 2003/04

4 ESRC Funding Opportunities Research Priorities (Directive Mode) Directive Rather than Responsive Medium to Longer Term Investments Encouragement of Interdisciplinary Research Initiatives the Result of Consultation

5 ESRC Funding Opportunities Modes of Funding Priority Research Science First, Mode Second! Research Centres Research Groups Research Programmes Link Programmes New Opportunity Programmes Priority Networks Resource and Training Initiatives

6 ESRC Funding Opportunities Current Commissioning Activities Research Centres Competition 2004/2005 – Closing Date 22 nd September 2004 Science and Society 3 rd Call – Closing Date 4 th October 2004 Rural Economy and Land Use Programme – 2 nd Call – Closing Date 15 th September 2004

7 ESRC Funding Opportunities Current Commissioning Activities Cont. Non-Government Public Action Programme – Closing Date 24 th September 2004 NCe-SS Small Grant Scheme – Open Call until April 05 Qualitative Demonstrator Scheme – Closing Date 1 st October 2005

8 ESRC Funding Opportunities Forthcoming Opportunities New Dynamics of Ageing Programme – Advertised July 2004 Public Services: Quality, Performance and Delivery Programme – Advertised July 2004 Rural Economy and Land Use – 3 rd Phase – Advertised Summer 2005 Secondary Data Analysis Initiative – Advertised December 2004 Research Methods Bursary Scheme- next call Autumn 2004

9 ESRC Funding Opportunities Ideas in the pipelines Qualitative Longitudinal Study Longitudinal Study on Ethnic Minorities Research Programme on Ethnicity

10 ESRC Funding Opportunities Responsive Mode Schemes Large Research Grants (£45k - £750k) Small Research Grants (under £45k) Research Fellowships Research Seminars Competition Professorial Fellowship Competition

11 ESRC Funding Opportunities Research Grants (large and small) Funding available between £2k and £750k Funding available to undertake anything from a small scale project to a large-scale survey. Choice of topic is the applicants provided it falls within ESRC remit. Applications can be made at any time of the year Decisions based upon Scientific Quality, Timeliness, Track Record of Applicants and Value for Money

12 ESRC Funding Opportunities Research Fellowships Aim to develop the careers of outstanding social science researchers (both senior and junior). Salary is provided for 2-3 years. Fellow completes a specified programme of work, consolidate previous research, assist theoretical and methodological development and/ or write for publication

13 ESRC Funding Opportunities Research Seminars Competition Annual Competition (Subject to outcome of review) Provide Funding for discussion groups and networks of researchers and research users Funding is approximately £15k for 2 years

14 ESRC Funding Opportunities Professorial Fellowships Scheme is designed to support the leading social scientists in the UK The scheme allows Fellows to pursue their own innovative and creative research agendas Funding provides for Fellows salary for up to 3 years Support may also be provided for additional research assistance costs, and the provision for a PhD studentship, linked to the Fellowship

15 ESRC Funding Opportunities Training Initiatives PhD Support (1+ 3 and + 3) ESRC/ NERC Interdisciplinary Research Studentships ESRC/ MRC Interdisciplinary Research Studentships and Postdoctoral Fellowships ESRC/ Welsh Assembly Government Research Studentships Competition CASE (Collaborative Awards for Science and Engineering) Postdoctoral Fellowships New Training Initiative (replacing the TDA Scheme)

16 ESRC Funding Opportunities Post-Doctoral Fellowship Competition Provide funding for new researchers one year immediately after the submission of their doctorate. Awards are allocated through an annual competition. Funding is provided for one year (2 years part-time). Fellows have the following objectives: –Produce publications; –To disseminate their research findings; –To further improve their research skills; –To conduct further limited research


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