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Areas of Philosophy Logic & Philosophy of Science Metaphysics

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1 Areas of Philosophy Logic & Philosophy of Science Metaphysics
Epistemology Ethics Aesthetics Social & Political Philosophy philosophy= thinking about thinking Areas of philosophy are concerned with what areas of philosophy you are concerned about thinking Philosophers disagree about how these areas are divided but most would include the following

2 Logic: Explore the procedures of formal reasoning and formal arguments
Associated with science What is science? What is non-science? Is there anything that has nothing to do with science? What is it that we do now scientifically that we will look back on in 50 years and think “that was crazy”?


4 Metaphysics: Meta= beyond
Ask questions about the nature of existence and reality Ask questions about the existence of supreme being(s) What is there? What it is like? What is real?


6 Epistemology: Episteme= knowledge
Study of knowledge, what is worthy of being believed by a rational person What does it mean to know? Are there some things that humans can never know? Are there things that humans can know with certainty? How do you know?


8 Ethics: Explores ideas of right and wrong, good and evil and what obligations we might have to another person What actions are good/bad, right and wrong Is it ever ok to lie?

9 Aesthetics: The philosophy of art
What is art? What is the role of art in society? Do objective standards of beauty and ugliness exists?

10 Social & Poltical Philosophy :
What are the limits of state authority? Do people have the right to equal treatment? What are the rights and responsibilities of individual citizens? What is justice? Philosophers explore specific questions related to their areas of interest, but the areas are very related to one another

11 Exit Card: With a partner, brainstorm and write down three events or activities that you have participated in the past week Identify the area of philosophy that might have helped you address issues raised by these events Explain how it did/would have helped

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