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Reading and Writing in All Content Areas for Secondary Teachers.

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2 Reading and Writing in All Content Areas for Secondary Teachers

3 Reading and Writing “Like writing, reading is an act of composition. When we write, we compose thoughts on paper. When we read, we compose meaning in our minds. Thoughtful active readers use the text to stimulate their own thinking and to engage with the mind of the writer.” Stephanie Harvey, Strategies That Work, 2000, 14. Under the protection of the umbrella, students can pick and choose the strategies and traits they need to engage in reading and writing successfully.

4 An Overview  Reading Strategies  Writing Traits

5  Accessing Prior Knowledge  Questioning  Predicting  Clarifying  Summarizing  Identifying Text Structure

6 Ideas Voice Word Choice Organization Sentence Fluency Conventions

7 All strategies and traits are used before, during, and after reading or writing.

8 Before reading and writing strategies Reading Writing Accessing prior knowledge Identifying text structure Ideas Organization

9 During reading and writing strategies ReadingWriting Questioning Predicting Clarifying Voice Word Choice Sentence Fluency

10 After reading and writing strategies Reading Writing Summarizing Conventions

11 Reminder All strategies fit together under the umbrella of reading and writing and are in constant use.

12 Now we’re ready to begin! Before reading and writing We are going to read a short piece and write a paragraph about The World’s Most Endangered Primate. On a piece of paper, write down what you already know about endangered animals. (Reading Strategy-Accessing Prior Knowledge) Draw a picture of what you think an endangered animal would look like. (Writing Trait-Ideas)

13 During reading and writing As you read the article on the handout, write questions that come to your mind. (Reading Strategy - Questioning) Underline the words that stand out. (Writing Trait- Word choice)

14 After reading and writing Write a summary of what you’ve read. (Reading Strategy- Summary) Write about an animal that you create and describe it using all the senses. (Writing Trait – Word choice)

15 More Before reading strategies and writing traits Identifying text structures -Reading Strategy And Organization -Writing Traits  Cause and Effect  Definition  Problem Solving  Question and Answer  Sequence  Description  Compare and Contrast

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