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Has Time Run Out? A Power Point Presentation By : Madison.

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1 Has Time Run Out? A Power Point Presentation By : Madison

2 Ocelots live in Central and South America. Today only about 120 live in Texas. They range from mangrove forests to Savannah grasslands and pastures. They also live in thorn scrubs and tropical forests. All of these habitats provide only live dense vegetative cover. There is habitat destruction for agriculture. People are cutting down their habitat for farmland.

3 Ocelots are carnivores. They eat meat in other words. Some smaller animals that they eat are rodents, rabbits, young deer, birds, snakes, and fish. Their prey is being killed so the Ocelots may not be getting as fulfilling meals as they are used to getting. A Ocelot is getting ready to sprint after its food. An Ocelot beware of its prey.

4 Body Length (mm): 550-1000 mm Weight: 24-35 pounds Litter Size: 2-4 pups Life Span: 8-11 years old in the wild, around 20 years in captivity. The Ocelot has beautiful fur. People are hunting the Ocelot mainly for its fur and its meat. Here is a picture of the Ocelots fur. The Ocelot has fur that looks a lot like a Cheetahs. It has tan and brown fur that is soft.

5 What I Think About Them Becoming Extinct. I believe that to save this beautiful animal from becoming extinct we need to stop hunting it for its beautiful fur. You wouldn’t want someone to hunt you (if you were an animal for your fur. So why are we hunting the Ocelot for its fur?

6 The Ocelot is a beautiful and graceful cat that needs help. People are hunting the Ocelot for it’s fur (previously recognized) and then either people use it for themselves or sell it on Ebay. To me that really isn’t a reason for someone to kill Ocelots all the way to extinction! So maybe if we all work together we can try to save the Ocelot. created so some Ocelots could remain safe in captivity. An Ocelot reserve was

7 When people drive around in South America and Texas. There are many animals that are at risk. Including the Ocelot. Many drivers don’t pay attention while driving and they hit and kill the Ocelots that are crossing the street. When this happens the animals are left dead on the roads for the buzzards to eat. Most people don’t care and just leave.

8 While there young are sleeping the mom goes to find food is back by the morning with a piece of meat for breakfast! The Ocelot is in the cat family. Ocelots are mammals

9 Bibliography “Defenders of Wildlife” Especies Fact Sheets. 16 February 2007 Yahoo! Education Encyclopedia “Ocelot” Encyclopedia: Ocelot Yahoo Education 22 February 2007 Internet Explorer;_ylt =ArOw3U6_JjQs9ZC...;_ylt =ArOw3U6_JjQs9ZC... “Ocelots.” Amazing Animals of the World ( #16 page 39 ) 1995

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