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Welcome to class my Unit20 Humor guessing game Look at the following pictures and try to guess: Who is the actor?

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2 Welcome to class my

3 Unit20

4 Humor

5 guessing game Look at the following pictures and try to guess: Who is the actor?

6 Charlie ChaplinCharlie Chaplin

7 Stephen Chow 周星驰

8 Stan Laurel Oliver Hardy

9 Mr. Bean Rowan Atkinson

10 12

11 Mr. Bean is funny because he makes funny faces, he acts silly. He seems to be quite stupid, and the things he does are strange. Mr. Bean

12 Dustin Hoffman He acts as a woman in his film, and his Performance is so good that many people can’t tell the differences.

13 Ma Ji is a well-known artist of crosstalk shows in China. His crosstalk shows always make his audience shout with laughter.

14 Do you know any other comedians in China and abroad? Question

15 Some other famous comedians in China

16 Facial expression Body language Make-up Cross-dressing Humor Words

17 Laughing matter

18 I cover your eyes stealthily

19 When there is only one man in the world.

20 “ 特困生 ”

21 comparison

22 the last group photo

23 You do know my love.

24 She is good at Chinese Kongfu

25 What forms of humour are introduced in the text? Skimming Questions:

26 Laughing Matter comedies clowns crosstalk comedians

27 Fast Reading Try to find out the topic sentence of each paragraph.

28 Para1. Comedies are theatre plays that make people laugh. Para2. Clowns also make people laugh. Para3. Another type of people whose job is to make people laugh are comedians. Para4. Typical for China is the crosstalk show. Para5. The traditional crosstalk shows have made people all over China roar with laughter for centuries.

29 1.Comedies are music plays that make people laugh. 2.Word play is a way to create fun in comedies. 3.Clowns use some words to make people laugh. 4.Both body language and face are important in comedians’ shows. 5.A crosstalk show has two speakers making many jokes and funny conversations. Theatre plays don’t use any

30 Scanning

31 How many parts can this passage be divided into? In what ways do they make people laugh?

32 Some comedies

33 Para 1 1. What is comedy? 2. techniques Cross dressing men & women Stereotypes of nationalities or people Speak with a foreign accent Play on words



36 Question: In what ways do clowns make us laugh ? Clowns make people laugh by Act _________________________ Don’t use____________________ Use____________________and ____________________ alone or as a pair any words clothes, make-up the way they walk



39 Comedians make people laugh by working alone or as a pair. body language and their face. making people listen and think. playing with words.



42 Crosstalk shows make people laugh by Work ___________________ Make __________________________ _______________ How long : ______________________ Use : __________and ___________ words as well as _________________ in pairs tongue twisters many jokes and funny conversations more than 2000years rhythmrhyming

43 1.Can you describe a clown in your own words? A funny person, usually dressed up in wide clothes and the shoes are over- sized, appears on the stage alone or with a partner, made up, red nose, walking, eating, or sleeping in a different way. They don’t often speak at all. Oral practice

44 2.Is the show of a comedian more like that of a clown or a comedy? Why? It is more like a comedy than the show of a clown. Because the way they make people laugh is not like the show of a clown, but like the actors in a comedy. They both use word play.


46 Summary Read the passage and try to fill in the blanks: Comedies are t______ plays that make people laugh. C____________ men or women often appear on the stage. Comedies often have characters that are s_________ of nationalities or people doing certain jobs. W____ play is also a way to c_____ fun in comedies. C______ make people laugh and can make people forget their p________, at least for a short moment. C________, unlike clowns, act out a s_____ during their shows. They make people laugh, but also t______ a____ life. Typical comedy show in China is the c_______ show. To a________ it, listeners should know what the comedians are talking about. heater ross-dressing tereotypes ordreate lowns roblems omediansketch hink bout rosstalk ppreciate


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