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Unit 10 If you go to the party, you’ll have a good time!

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1 Unit 10 If you go to the party, you’ll have a good time!

2 If 意为如果,表示条件, if 引导的句子是从句, 用现在时态,主句则用将来时态。也就是所谓的 “ 主将从现 ” 。如: If you eat less, you will be thinner. If you work hard, you will be successful. If you come to school late, your teacher will be angry with you. 复习: if 句型

3 I. Fill in the blanks meeting teenagers video experience 1.If my family travels to a new country this summer, I’ll send you a letter about my __________. 2. Will you watch the ______with me if you are free this weekend? 3.If the __________ stay out too late, their parents will worry about them. 4. I’ll go to the________ if it ends by 5:00p.m. experience video teenagers meeting

4 II. Complete the conversation with the words in the box. if are will flight want sorry going A: Hi, Sally. ____ you ____ to the party tomorrow? B: I _____ to, but I can’t. A: Oh, But _____ you don’t go to the party, you _____ miss all the fun! B: I know, but I got into a _____ with my parents. A: Hmm… then you should just say _____ to your parents. B: I guess you’re right. I _____ talk to them tonight. aregoing want if will fight sorry will

5 III. Use your information! What will you do if … rains all weekend? 2. there’s an English test tomorrow? 3. your cousin decides to come and visit from another town? I will stay at home. I will work hard / go to bed early tonight. I will …..

6 Complete the sentences using your own ideas. If I eat too much lunch, _______________. If I am a good cook, _____________________________. If I watch too much TV, _______________________. If I don’t help others, ______________________. I will feel sick I’ll cook delicious food for you I won’t have enough sleep others won’t help me

7 1. I’m sure if he _____ (go) to the party, he__________ (have) a great time. 2. If the rain _______(stop) tonight, we will go to the cinema. 3. I’ll buy a computer if I ______(have) enough money. 4. You ___________ (not get) nervous if you _____ (do) enough exercise. 1. 用括号内所给词的正确形式填空 goes will have stops have won’t get do 练 习:

8 5. If she ____ (be) kind to me, I _____________ (not argue) with her. 6. I want to know if he ________(come) tomorrow, if he _______(come), I __________(give) the message to him. 7. If you ______ (pay) more attention to that, he _________ (not get) injured. iswon’t argue comes will give pay won’t get

9 8. Mr Li will be mad if we _______(break) the rules. 9. If it _____ (be) cloudy, they ____________(not go) there by air. 10.Please let us know if he _________ (arrive) tomorrow. Please let us know if he _________ (arrive) tomorrow. break iswon’t go will arrive arrives 请告诉我们他明天是否会来。 如果他明天来的话请告诉我们。

10 11. Shall I say “Hello” when the foreigner _______ (come) into the classroom? 12. He’ll get better grades if he ________ (study ) hard. 13. If you work really hard, you ________ (be) famous and rich. comes studies will be

11 2. 根据汉语意思, 完成下列句子 1. 如果你向他请求, 他会帮助你。 If you _____ him, he _________ you. 2. 我说那天是星期二, 实际上是星期一。 I said it _____Tuesday, but ______ it was Monday. 3. 为了赶火车, 她匆匆做完了她的工作。 ___________ catch the train, she hurried through her work. 4. 她问那是否够了。 She asked ____________ enough. 5. 我们玩得很快乐。 We have ______________. askwill help wasin fact In order to if that was a great time

12 1.I am _________ England next week. 2. Everyone __________ his foolish words. 3. Jane ___________ the party, and the friends enjoyed themselves. 4. I met him by _______ in the street. 5. No one is ________ this plan. chance laugh against organize leave 3. 用下列词语的正确形式填空 leaving laugh at organized chance against

13 1.Copy and recite the new words& grammar focus. 2. 模仿编对话五个. I think I’ll do ____. If you do, you’ll ____. Homework


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