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S. E. Hinton - The Outsiders

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1 S. E. Hinton - The Outsiders
book report Christian Klein

2 S. E. Hinton - biography/book
Susan Eloise Hinton was born in the in Tulsa, Oklahoma began her first book “The Outsiders” in the age of 15, going to college she lived in a society with hard conflicts between rich and poor youth; that’s also what her books are about: the youth’s lives and its problems some books: The Outsiders; That was Then, This Is Now; Rumble Fish; Tex; Taming the Star Runner; Big David, Little David; Puppy Sister; Hawkes Habor

3 characters - the greasers (G)
poor [greasy: fettig, ölig; greasy hair] no education in school (mostly) already hoods in early age (no real family, sb telling them what to do...; maybe lost their parents) live by rubbing department stores,... the youth feel as one big family different groups (1); fights between each other sometimes, but no fights intern (1): - unorganised group, which the most characters mentioned in the story belong to - organized: pe Tim Shephard’s gang fights often without weapons

4 characters - the socs (S)(=socials)
rich [socs = socials] drive blue mustangs normally go to school feel themselves being better as the greasers - jump on them not mentioned if there are different groups are very brutal, fight with weapons try not to look sentimental in face of others sophisticated; while greasers are emotional

5 characters + problematic
takes place in Oklahoma, too conflict:socs (west) greasers (east) both groups have their problems in live, but don’t see those of the other one many fights living together not possible ? chapter 2: relation between 2 soc’s girls and 2 greaser’s boys; ... if you lean to respect each other, living together is easily possible in fact: greasers and socs are human beings but the groups differ by money privileges

6 characters - Ponyboy Curtis (G)
I narrator; 14 years old 2 brothers: Darry + Soda; lost their parents after a car accident and are afraid of being separated and send to orphanages (Waisenhaus) likes movies and books very sentimental; likes sunsets the only greaser going to school; got put up a year in grade school but sometimes he doesn’t use his head in gets in trouble because of it

7 characters - Darry Curtis (G)
older brother of Ponyboy ’s is six-feet-two, broad-shouldered, muscular, cold looking eyes looks older than 20 works hard for the “Curtis-family” (2 hard jobs), like its father wants to show his muscles Pony things, Darry doesn’t understand him and doesn’t like him; tensions

8 characters - Soda Curtis (G)
handsomer than anyone else; funny movie-star kind of handsome; attracts the girls not as tall as Darry, slimmer (schlank), sensitive face, laughing eyes seems always to be happy can look reckless (leichtsinnig) and thoughtful at the same time is a dropout in school; but Pony can’t believe it because Soda’s so lovely and doesn’t behave smartly

9 characters - Steve Randle (G)
17 years old tall, lean, cocky (keck, dreist),smart Sodas best buddy since grade school speciality: cars (steeling them, but also knows all about cars) works with Soda in a gas station most customers of town: because Steve is so good with cars or bcse Soda attracts the girls? doesn’t like Pony; Pony only likes him because he’s Sodas best buddy

10 characters - Two-Bit Mathews (G)
the oldest in the gang wisecracker (witzig-reder) 6 feet, stocky in build, very proud of his long rusty-colored side-burns (Kotletten) has a wide grin, aslways makes funny remarks, live is one big joke to him; you couldn’t shut up him; always smarts off the cops liked fights, blondes, school (?!?, was still a junior at 18, just went there for kicks) Pony likes him real well because he mades everybody in the gang laugh

11 characters - Dallas Winston (G)
called Dally elfish face, high cheekbones, animal teeth, ears like a lynx (Luchs) didn’t like haircuts or oil,... his eyes= blue blazing ice, cold with hatred of the whole world already was arrested with 10 years, turned hard and lost feelings by being in prison several times was as wild as the boys in the downtown outfits, like Tim Shephard’s gang You don’t tell him what to do (except Johnny)

12 characters - Johnny Cade (G)
like: “a little dark puppy that has been kicked too many times and is lost in a crowd of strangers” the youngest (16 years old), next to Pony smaller than the rest, a slight build, big black eyes in a dark tanned (braun) face nervous, suspicious look in his eyes the gang’s pet, everyone’s kid brother always is beaten up by his father, ignored by his mother (“when he beats me, he knows at least that ‘m here”) the gang is his only real family once beaten by the socs very very hard

13 characters - Cherry (S)
real name: Sherry Valance read hair ( Cherry) goes to the same school as Pony; cheerleader appear in chapter 2: Cherry & Marcia alone in the movies (cause their boyfriends got drunken); Johnny, Pony and Dally come; Dally begins flirting with bad words knows what she wants; when Dally provoked them, she got offensive and calls her opinion tells she was afraid to fall in love with Dally used to like sunsets, too (like Pony) symbolises the friend-ship Cherry-Pony all book

14 characters - Marcia (S)
Cherry’s friend (in the movies, chapter 2) doesn’t play a big role in the book; you don’t learn much about her

15 characters - Bob (S) Cherry’s boyfriend gets very brutal being drunken
(Cherry: “I told you, I’m never going out with you while you’re drinking, and I mean it. Too many things could happen while you’re drunk. It’s me or the booze.”) proud of his big wings, because of which Johnny once was beaten near to death after the movies, where Cherry and Marcia met Pony and Johnny, he and his friends nearly drowned Pony Johnny killed him

16 Johnny being beaten lecture of chapter 2, pages 31(middle) to 34(end)
shows: the family-feeling in this group of greasers main characterisation of most of these greasers Johnny’s situation in family/besides greasers the brutal being of some socs relation socs - greasers some characteristics of Cherry’s and Pony’s

17 history - main overview (1)
chapter 1: presentation of problematic and of the main greasers; Ponyboy gets jumped by socs 2: in the movies: Dallas talks do 2 socs-girls after he went off, Cherry, Marcia, Pony and Johnny get to know each other better Pony tells Cherry the history how Johnny got beaten up badly once; she gets white 3: Cherry and Pony speak about differences greasers-socs first related contact of Bob+Randy with Pony+Johnny (together with Marcia+Cherry)

18 history - main overview (2)
Johnny+Pony get asleep in the parking lot; when Pony wakes up and goes home fast, he’s beaten by Darry Pony go away with Johnny 4: back in the lot, Bob+friends appear they nearly drown Pony Johnny kills Bob they have to flee, not to get caught by police Dallas helps them (weapon+money) 5: Pony+Johnny hide in a church after 1 week: Dallas comes to meet them, they go eating something in Dairy Queen: Dallas mentions a big rumple socs- greasers, to set an final end to the conflicts

19 history - main overview (3)
6: Johnny wants to go back to police when Johnny+Pony+Dallas come back from eating to the church, it is burning little children inside the church Pony+Johnny want to save them get hurt brought to hospital 7: Pony doesn’t need to stay in hospital next morning is “all normal” Two-Bit+Pony go to hospital meet Randy on the way 9: the rumble (fight) between the socs and greasers

20 characters - Randy (S) Marcia’s boyfriend Bob was his best friend
about 17 years old is fascinated of Pony and Johnny saving those little children in the burning church; thinks he wouldn’t have done it “would never have believed a greaser could pull something like that.” isn’t going to show at the rumble ( “He was seventeen or so, but he was already old.”) is tired of all this fighting, because it doesn’t change anything, but only brings problems

21 book - message conflict:socs (west) greasers (east)
both groups have their problems in live, but don’t see those of the other one living together not possible ? in fact: greasers and socs are human beings: there are greasers which escape little children out of a burning church and socs which wouldn’t greasers, living on streed, are hoods (Rowdys), but socs, being drunken, are also brutal;... but: if you lean to respect each other, living together is easily possible but the groups differ by money privileges and also by feelings, habits,...

22 history - in the movies

23 history - how Johnny got jumped on, once

24 history - conflict Ponyboy, Darry

25 history - Bob getting killed

26 history - Pony and Johnny in the church

27 history - the church being burning

28 history - in the hospital

29 history - „why do they love fighting ?“

30 history - the rumble

31 history - Johnny dies

32 history -the end

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