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New Media in the New Economy Strategy: Inbound Marketing.

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1 New Media in the New Economy Strategy: Inbound Marketing

2 Outbound Marketing Traditional Media Print Radio TV Direct Mail Telemarketing Email

3 Strategy: Inbound Marketing New Media Blogs Social Networks RSS Feeds Podcasts SEO Webcasts Viral Video Opt-in Newsletters

4 Inbound vs Outbound New Pull Permission Time Traditional Push Interruptive $$$

5 Inbound Marketing 1. Get Found 2. Convert 3. Analyze

6 Get Found Build an online presence Develop content Publish and promote Search engine optimization

7 Get Found: Build an Online Presence Start a Facebook fan page Use Twitter for resources & PR Use Linkedin for business networking Follow blogs Subscribe to newsletters Microblog Bookmark (Digg, Delicious, Stumble Upon) Engage

8 Get Found: Develop Content Blog Videos Podcast Screencast Presentations eBooks Webinars News releases

9 Get Found: Publish and Promote Your website/blog Facebook Twitter Linkedin YouTube Flickr Eventbrite Evite iTunes Delicious StumbleUpon DIGG

10 Get Found: Search Engine Optimization On-Page SEO = 25% Text URL Page title Page descriptions Metatags (keywords) Alt-text Off-Page SEO = 75% Inbound links Recommendations

11 Convert: Call to Action Download free eBook/white paper/tip sheet Receive free text messages Register for an event Sign up for a webinar

12 Convert: Landing Pages Microsite within your main domain Campaign focused Promote on website/blog, social networks, traditional media

13 Analyze Traffic growth Channel optimization Google Analytics Facebook Insights

14 Google Analytics

15 Process Crawl Social media strategy Microblogging resource development Hootsuite training and post scheduling Blog publishing schedule Walk Conversion campaign execution Landing page development Lead nurturing strategy Run Traffic growth Channel optimization Campaign optimization Fly Fly on your own Repeat conversion campaigns

16 Tools Find more at Google Analytics Google Reader AdWords Keyword Tool ScreenFlow


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