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Getting Started with E-Books: Sony Reader for staff.

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1 Getting Started with E-Books: Sony Reader for staff

2 How does it work?  Choose from popular items including fiction and non- fiction, children’s and teen  Download e-books and e-audiobooks  Check out up to 5 items at a time with your library card  If someone else has an item checked out – place it on hold, get an email when it is ready for you to check it out

3  Browse, check out, and download with your library card … anytime, from anywhere!  Download to a Windows ® or Mac ® computer … and popular mobile devices including most e- book readers & smart phones.  Download directly to the Sony Reader Wi-Fi

4 What’s Required  A valid library card  For the Sony Reader WiFi: an accessible wireless network  For all other Sony Readers: A computer with Reader Library software (or ADE) installed

5 Get to Know OverDrive’s Formats Text formats:E-audio formats: Adobe PDF – Portable Document Format. A format that is familiar to most of us, used for screen-readable, printable documents with limited re- formatting. OverDrive PDFs include DRM. EPUB – Electronic Publication. A free, open e-book standard developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum. EPUB books’ text can be resized and reformatted. OverDrive EPUBs are the Adobe version and include DRM. WMA – OverDrive’s version of the proprietary Windows Media Audio format. Only compatible with Windows devices, including Windows computers and the Microsoft Zune. Includes DRM. MP3 – One of the web’s most popular audio formats. Compatible with most portable devices. MP3s take up more space than WMAs, but have similar audio quality. They have no DRM, meaning that they can also be burned to a CD.

6 Overview

7 Overview for the Sony Reader WiFi Connect to wirelessCreate a Reader Store account Find SCL through the “Public Library” feature Find an item and download it

8 Connect to wireless Older models: Press the Home button and then tap the arrow to get to the second page. Newer models: Press the Home button and then tap Applications (bottom right-hand corner) All models: Tap Settings > Wireless Network Settings Connect to “Library Public” In order to be truly connected, you will need to “click to agree” – in order to get to this page, you may have to open a browser (if it doesn’t come up on its own).

9 Create a Reader Store account Go to the Reader Store and confirm that the device has an active Reader Store account. You only need to do this once per device. Press the Home button, then tap [Reader Store]. A Reader Store account will automatically authorize your Reader with an Adobe ID.

10 Find SCL through the “Public Library” feature Return to the Home screen by pressing the Home button. Older models: Tap to go to the second page, then tap [Public Library]. Newer models: Tap applications, then tap [Public Library]. All models: Search for Strathcona County Library and tap on the search result. You may want to bookmark the Strathcona County site (tap the heart ) so that you can find it easily later.

11 Find an item and download it Tap on “Strathcona County Library” to go to the library’s e-book website. Search or Browse for a title you are interested in. Tap “Add to Cart” and follow the on-screen prompts to check out the title. You may receive a security error at some point during this process- this is nothing to worry about, you can tap the prompt to proceed.

12 Download. Once the book is checked out, you will see a Download button. Tap the link to download the file. A small icon will appear in the status bar in the top left corner of the screen to indicate that the title is downloading. The icon is small and easy to overlook, so check the status bar in the top left corner before trying to download the item again, as you may end up downloading multiple copies of the file to your Reader. Once the download has been successfully completed, a check mark will appear next to the downwards arrow (<) in the status bar. Return to the Home screen and tap on the item under either [Recently Added] or [Books] (the item will appear in both locations).

13 Bonus tip: How to return an item early Older models: To return an item early, press the Home button and tap [Books]. Newer models: Press the Home button and then tap [Bookshelves]. All models: Use the Menu button ( ) on the bottom right of the Sony Reader and a menu will appear. Tap [Return Books]. An empty check box will appear next to each library book on your Reader. Tap each box to place a check mark in the boxes of the items you wish to return (you can return multiple items at one time). Tap “Done” in the top right corner and the items will be returned to the library.

14 Thank you for coming! CAN WE HELP? Email: Phone: 780.410.8601 (Talk to a human being!) Or come by either of our Information Desks. Happy Downloading!

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