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Die Brüder Grimm und ihre Märchen

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1 Die Brüder Grimm und ihre Märchen
The Grimm Brothers and their fairytales.

2 24. Februar Dezember 1859 2nd born of nine

3 4. Januar September 1863 3rd born of nine

4 Das Leben der Brüder Grimm
Born and raised in Hanau, Germany Brothers moved to Kassel to live with an aunt after their father’s death. Jacob beings to study law at the University of Marburg. Wilhelm begins to study law at the same uiversity The brothers were only 17 years old!

5 Das Leben der Brüder Grimm
Become librarians inorder to support the family. The brothers publish the first volume of Kinder- und Hausmärchen. The brothers publish 2 volumes of Deutsche Sage.

6 Das Leben der Brüder Grimm
Jacob und Wilhelm recieve honorary doctorates for their work in linguistics, folklore, and medievel studies. Basically for being awesome writers and capturing German culture!

7 schreiben, schreiben, und mehr schreiben!
Kinder- und Hausmärchen Children’s and Household Tales Deutsche Sagen German legends Deutsches Wörterbuch German dictionary Geschichte der deutschen Sprache The History of the German Language

8 Was ist in einem Märchen?
Brothers Grimm wrote fairytales because they desired a written form of famous fairytales. Their Märchen: were very nationalistic or very“deutsch.” had lessons presented within the story a.k.a a moral to the story. had graphic elements.

9 Woher kommen Märchen? Märchen were passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth. Brothers rarely wrote a new fairytale, just recorded very old tales.

10 Wie sieht ein Grimmmärchen aus?
1. must have a moral 2. not too much violence, but more brutal than Disney 3. must be very “German” 4. not at all sexual

11 Let’s see if you find some of these elements in a Märchen!

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