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Impact of Technology.

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1 Impact of Technology

2 New technology, Inventors (factory and agriculture)
Samuel Slater Eli Whitney Elias Howe & Issac Singer John Deere Cyrus McCormick

3 Impact on society (Factory, Agriculture)
Samuel Slater- “Father of Factory System” First successful water-powered roller spinning textile mill, Slater Mill (1793) Spread to Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire 1815 Providence, 140 cotton manufacturers Eli Whitney Cotton Gin (1794) 50x more effective than separating by hand Flourished in South Machine-made inter-changeable parts, muskets (1850) Flourished in north

4 Continued.. Elias Howe (1846) and Issac Singer (1850s)
Inventers of sewing machine Foundation of clothing industry Made in factories, than homes Cyrus McCormick First mechanical mower-reaper to harvest grain quicker and cheaper harvesting of grain John Deere (1837) Steel plow Speed up farming across the Midwest

5 Impact on Society (Communication, and transportation)
People Samuel Morse Cyrus Field Robert Fulton Dewitt Clinton “Roads” Cumberland Road Lancaster Turnpike 1st Railroad Pony Express

6 Communication Samuel Morse (1844)
First telegraph message (Baltimore to Capitol Building) Cyrus Field (1858) Telegraph cable between US and Europe Instant communication with Europe Pony Express ( ) West’s most direct means of communication (Missouri to California)

7 Transportation Lancaster Turnpike (1795)
Hard road from Philadelphia to Lancaster, PA Economic expansion westward Robert Fulton (1807) First steamboat, Clermont Increase in trade, no concern for weather or water current Cumberland Road AKA The National Road Maryland to Illinois 625 miles

8 Continued… Dewitt Clinton’s “Big Ditch” (1804)
Erie Canal, between Lake Eerie and Hudson River Shorten expense and time of transportation First Railroad (1828) By 1860, 30,000 miles of railroad tracks Increase in trade Opened west, connected raw materials To markets and factories

9 IN the Future More inventors throughout rest of 19th-early 20th century (productivity) Foundations of mid-1800s set stage for future inventions Light bulb (Thomas Edison) Telephone (Alexander Bell) Automobile (Karl Benz) Impact of these and other inventions are enormous

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