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August 05, 2013. Startup 2013 Machine Status:  Proton Source Commissioning and Studies RFQ Injector Line (RIL) Linac Booster  Main Injector Startup.

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1 August 05, 2013

2 Startup 2013 Machine Status:  Proton Source Commissioning and Studies RFQ Injector Line (RIL) Linac Booster  Main Injector Startup and Tuning

3 Power Outages  PS3 Power Outage Oil Switch Replacement Impacts PS3, PW5, & PC3 Run on generator for ~1 week Connect generator Monday, July 29 th @ 0800 – 1000 Disconnect generator Friday, August 9 th @ 0800- 1000

4 Power Failures  Feeder 46B Wednesday, July 24 th @ 2142 Impact – Possible F0 ventilation system Fault located between P71 & F4 Further isolation and repairs necessary

5 Kautz Road SubStation  Status MI backfed from Master SubStation ○ Using Feeder 45 for MI conventional power which is normally T85 on KRS We ordered 6+ new surge arrestors (4.7k each) from Hubbell and they were delivered on Friday, July 26 th Schedule: (Weather Dependent) ○ Monday, August 5 th replace T85 surge arrestors No machine impact (In Progress) ○ Tuesday, August 6 th replace T87 surge arrestors No beam during work 8-10 hours After replacement, test both T85 and T87 There will be a 20 minute MI conventional power outage to remove the backfeed, not scheduled.


7 MI Startup Activities (~1 Week)  Turn on power supplies and establish ramps  Establish 8 Gev beam  Match MI8 line lattice with IPM  Tune abort line @8 Gev  Establish 120 Gev beam  Smooth orbits up the ramp  Tune abort line @ 120 Gev  High field Orbit smoothing (quad moves) (Have data for 1 st )  Requires tunnel access (2x8 hrs)  Calibrate tune table  MI8 line lattice matching (1 st of 2 passes complete)  Dedicated beam study  Extraction line tune up (NuMI) (Attempting extraction)  Tune up for operation  Deliver low intensity beam to NuMI beam line for target scans  Estimated to take an additional week after MI is tuned up for operations


9 Shutdown 2012 Schedules and Links: Schedule can be accessed from the Operations Home Page - Schedules -> Operations ScheduleOperations Schedule Direct link to schedule -

10  We have removed all of the antiproton equipment, which comes to over 1,400 feet of beamline components. o Electron cooling removal o Stochastic Cooling tanks removal from the 200 and 100 tunnel locations o Decommissioned the two Recycler Pbar injection and extraction lines (~1,000 ft. of beam line components). o The A150 Beam line was decommissioned (~800 ft. of beam line)  More than ~1.3 Million feet of cable have been pulled to support the new transfer lines and instrumentation upgrades. o ~500,000 feet was a complete replacement of the Recycler BPM system o ~700,000 feet of new cabling for instrument cabling o IPM’s, Toroid's, DCCT’s, Multiwires, Schottkies, o ~10,000 ft. of RF cabling o ~10,000 ft. of 500 MCM cable o ~12,000 ft. of 350 MCM cable o ~25,000 ft. of correction element cables o ~6,000 ft. of radiation damage cable o ~ 25,000 ft. of kicker system cables  We have installed a new transfer lines; a new Injection line into the Recycler and a new transfer line out of the Recycler Ring into the Main Injector o New injection line spans from the MI-8 line Q848 location to the Recycler Q104 location o New extraction line spans from Recycler Q230 to Q308 in the MI

11  Approximately 590 tons of material has been moved o ~ 40 Tons of lead blankets were installed to reduce the radiation levels to reasonable levels such that work can be completed (~25 tons in the MI30 straight section, ~5 tons in the new injection line and ~10 tons in various other locations around the ring. o Installed 3 shielding walls ( 2 for MI-31 stub and 1 at the 304 tunnel location ~ 20 tons each) o ~490 Tons of magnets moved o 3 ILAM we moved/relocated o 6 3Q120 magnets were removed from the A150 line reworked and reinstalled in the NuMI beam line to replace existing magnets o 1 MI wide aperture Quad was relocated o 1 new Wide aperture C Magnet was installed in the MI abort line o ~40 20 inch Quads were removed from the RR30 Cooling insert o 3 ADCW were installed ( main vertical bend Magnets) o Entire Ecool Cooling section and return line were removed o 18 20 inch Quads were installed in the RR 30 section o 10 20 inch Quads were installed in the new RR extraction line o 20 20 inch Quads were relocated/installed in the RR injection line o Removed/installed/relocated a total of 14 cavities o 2 old RR RF cavities/6 MI coalescing cavity/ 2 MI studies cavities/ 2 new MI RF cavities and 2 new RR cavities o ~30 tons of stands and misc. parts/components were removed and or installed

12  Keeping true the Recycler name, we are reusing ~70 percent of the instrumentation, ~30 percent of the vacuum components ~85 percent of the magnets  A completely new 53 MHz RF cavity system was installed into the Recycler o 2 New RF cavities were installed a place holder for a third o Relocated and repurposed the 3 existing Recycler wideband RF cavities into a damper system.  A complete rework of the Recycler Abort system to allow full turn proton abort along with gap clearing.  5 Gap clearing kicker and 2 new Full turn kickers were relocated from the Main Injector to the Recycler  The RR30 straight section was rework from a cooling lattice back to a standard FODO lattice  ~45 Recycler 20 inch quads were removed  ~900 feet of beam pipe was removed and reworked for the new Lattice configuration  New insert was prepped for 2.5 MHz RF cavity system to be installed in the Recycler 305-306 region.  Relocated radiation sensitive equipment from the MI/RR 30 straight section to minimize future radiation dose to equipment and Technicians.  MI and RR Coasting Beam safety system  MI and RR DCCT’s  RR schotkies  Installed 2 new 53 MHz in the MI  Relocated 4 RF cavities to make room


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