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NAVIANCE Cindy and Bill Simon Technology Academy High School.

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1 NAVIANCE Cindy and Bill Simon Technology Academy High School

2 What is Naviance? O Web based program used by ALL Alliance students O In Naviance you can: O Explore careers O Add Careers to your list O Research colleges and add colleges to your list of colleges you will apply to your senior year O Email your counselor and schedule appointments O Continued…..

3 O Request teacher letters of recommendation O Search for and apply for scholarships O Create a resume O Request transcripts O Manage your college application process & much more….

4 Today This Year O You will register for Naviance O You will: O Complete Freshman Transition Survey (Beg. of the year) O Complete Career Interest Profiler O Create S.M.A.R.T. goals in success planner O Complete My Game Plan Survey O Complete Mock College/University application O Write a thank you note to a staff member who has had a positive impact on your freshmen success O Apply to a minimum of 2 scholarships O Freshman Transition Survey (End of year) O 9 th Grade annual reflection

5 Looks like a lot but remember your not completing them all at once Go Huskies!

6 Lets Get Started O

7 O Select O I need to Register

8 O Enter your registration code O Click Register

9 O Enter your email address O Make sure you use a valid email, Mrs. Reteguin will email you important information and you want to make sure you stay informed O Enter a password you will remember O Write it down somewhere secure in case you forget O Click Agree O Click complete Registration

10 O Congratulations! You are now registered O Last thing: O Log out & try to log back in just to make sure you know what to do next time you come back to this site

11 This time you will sign in where it asks for your email and password

12 Feel free to explore Naviance You will be assigned tasks each month that you will work on in Advisory so you can start to explore colleges and careers More information to come soon….

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