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How to register your team and log their steps Training slides for team captains.

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2 How to register your team and log their steps Training slides for team captains

3 How to register teams? Team Captains can register their team by setting up a Journey Logger account. Only the Team Captain needs to have a Journey Logger account for this challenge. If you are a Team Captain and you already have a Journey Logger account, you can enter your Pedometer Challenge team details by logging in, clicking on ‘Edit my details’ and filling in the ‘Pedometer Challenge’ tab. The Team Captains will log the team steps weekly (or daily if preferred), further information on logging steps will be provided to Team Captains.

4 Registering on Journey Logger 1.Go to: 2. Click ‘register’

5 Registering on Journey Logger 1.Fill in your contact details 2.As you type in your organisation name it should appear below for you to choose (if it does not appear click submit anyway, if the error message ‘Company Programme does not exist.’ appears onscreen then please email 1.Click ‘submit’

6 1. Click ‘yes’ Registering on Journey Logger

7 The following page appears and an email has now been sent to you confirming registration and allowing you to access your account.

8 Registering on Journey Logger You will receive the following email to the email address you provided when signing up

9 Registering your team 1.Enter your name and password 2.Choose if and when you would like reminder emails 3.Fill in the journey to work information at the end of the page 4.Click ‘submit’ at the end of the page

10 Registering your team You will be brought to the ‘Pedometer Challenge’ screen where you 1.Enter team information and answer the questions listed. ( Please do not include the team captains name in the list of team members) 1.Click ‘submit’

11 Well done, your team is now registered to take part in the 2011 Pedometer Challenge It’s time to get stepping! To learn how to log your team steps keep reading…

12 Logging steps Steps can be entered on a daily or weekly basis If you choose to log team steps daily you will enter the daily average steps taken for the team If you decide to log team steps weekly you will enter the weekly average steps taken for the team. If you enter steps weekly the leader board results issued may not reflect your team scores (unless you log your steps by close of business every Tuesday) If you’re late logging steps don’t worry, the Journey Logger will also allow you to ‘back log’ for up to one week Excel sheet for Team Captains to keep records – download from Please note: You will only be able to log steps when the challenge starts on the 14 th September

13 1.Go to 2.Enter your email address and password 3.Click ‘log in’ How to log steps?

14 You will be brought to the screen above. 1.Click on the date you want to enter steps for

15 The following box will then appear. 1.Enter the average number of steps that your team took on this date if you are entering steps daily (or you can choose to enter the team average steps on a weekly basis). There is an excel sheet available to help you keep track of your team scores on 2. Click ‘submit’ to save your team steps

16 Some interesting stats for the team captain! This screen will appear and you will see the image circled above in RED appear for every day that you enter steps as part of the Pedometer Challenge. You now know how to log your team steps during the challenge, it’s time to get your team stepping!

17 Best of luck If you’ve any problems registering or logging steps please email

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