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(Hans Schwarzkopf) By Callie & Gen

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1 (Hans Schwarzkopf) By Callie & Gen

2 In 1898, Hans Schwarzkopf opened a drugstore in Berlin.
Geschichte der Schwarzkopf-Meilensteine (History of Schwarzkopf- Milestones) In 1898, Hans Schwarzkopf opened a drugstore in Berlin.

3 1903- Hans Schwarzkopf erste Erfindung (his first invention)
Hans disliked the shampoo that everyone was using, it contained harsh soaps and expensive oils. He invented a powder shampoo that disintegrates in water. It was a big hit.

4 1904- Die Nachfrage ist groß (demand is huge)
Demand is high for his “shampoo with the black head” and Hans is shipping it everywhere.

5 1921- Hans Schwarzkopf este Hans Schwarzkopf dies

6 1927- Die erste flüssige Shampoo (the first liquid shampoo)
The company Schwarzkopf invented the first ever liquid shampoo, then opened a hair dressing training centre.

7 1960-Königliche Igora (Igora Royal)
Schwarzkopf Professional’s top colouring range is introduced

8 Von da an ... (From Then On...) Schwarzkopf’s hair colour collection and technology grew and improved

9 1995- Henkel kauft Schwarzkopf (Henkel buys Schwarzkopf)
The company Henkel acquires Schwarzkopf, making it even bigger than before.

10 1998- Hundertsten Geburtstag (Hundredth anniversary)
It has been 100 years since Hans opened that first drugstore in Berlin!

11 Heute... (Today...) Schwarzkopf is one of the biggest brands for hair care in the world.

12 Danke!

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