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May 2000G-WIN-TalkContent Next Generation: Giga-Wissenschaftsnetz of DFN (G-WIN) Peter Kaufmann (DFN-Verein, Berlin, Tel: +49 30 8842 9932,

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Presentation on theme: "May 2000G-WIN-TalkContent Next Generation: Giga-Wissenschaftsnetz of DFN (G-WIN) Peter Kaufmann (DFN-Verein, Berlin, Tel: +49 30 8842 9932,"— Presentation transcript:

1 May 2000G-WIN-TalkContent Next Generation: Giga-Wissenschaftsnetz of DFN (G-WIN) Peter Kaufmann (DFN-Verein, Berlin, Tel: , l Status: B-WIN and GTB l Call for Tender l G-WIN Structure l G-WIN Services l Status l Outlook

2 Jan 2000G-WIN-VortragInhalt Überblick über Einzel-und Hauptanschlüsse Stand: Breitband-Wissenschaftsnetz (B-WiN) eitner/eigeneDateien/ppt/bwinkart/bw_dn37.ppt(bw_k3899) Uni XYZ 34 MBit/s in Betrieb 155 MBit/s beauftragt 155 MBit/s in Betrieb 34 MBit/s beauftragt 155 MBit/s beauftragt B-WiN-Knoten 155 Mbit/s - Verbindung Uni XYZ

3 Jan 2000G-WIN-VortragInhalt

4 Jan 2000G-WIN-VortragInhalt

5 Jan 2000G-WIN-VortragInhalt Call for Tenders (European Tender) 2 Spring 1999 /Backbone with SDH/WDM; / Access Lines; 2 Automn/Winter 1999 / Tendering for Router-HW; / US-Connectivity;

6 Jan 2000G-WIN-VortragInhalt Results of CfT *Backbone: DeTeSystem; *Access: Varity of Solutions and Providers; *Router: Cisco; *US-Connectivity: DeTeSystem; l Time Table / Start of G-WIN: May 2000; / Upgrades: * Phase 2: In September 2001; * Phase 3: In September 2002; * Phase 4: In September 2003;

7 Jan 2000G-WIN-VortragInhalt Architecture Backbone Site (SDH/WDM-Equip. + Router) CR Customer Router Backbone Access Lines SDH-Multiplexer 2/34/155/622

8 Jan 2000G-WIN-VortragInhalt G-WIN-Backbone lBackbone Structure /28 PoPs (10 PoPs in B-WIN) Located at DFN-Institutions (no housing with provider); /10 central Level-1 PoPs; /18 regional Level-2 PoPs; l Backbone Capacity between Level-1 PoPs: In 2000: Up to 2,5 Gb/s; In 2001: Up to multiple 2,5 Gb/s; In 2002: Up to 10 Gb/s; In 2003: Up to multiple 10 Gb/s;

9 Jan 2000G-WIN-VortragInhalt lBackbone Configuration /Flexible Topology between Level-1 PoPs; Bandwidth Shift according changing User Demands; /Fixed Topology for Connection of Level-2 PoPs to Level-1 PoPs; l Instead STM16c/STM64c-Interfaces: Access to WDM-Channels;

10 Jan 2000G-WIN-VortragInhalt Backbone Site Level1 Backbone Site Level 2 STM1-Connection STM4c-Connection

11 Jan 2000G-WIN-VortragInhalt

12 May 2000G-WIN-Access lAccess from Customer Site to L1/L2-PoP; lVariable Access Structure / Usage of Existing Fiber Structures (e.g. BRAIN in Berlin) / Integration of Regional Providers; l Customer Access Line Capacity: / 2000: Up to 622 Mb/s / 2001: Up to 2,5 Gb/s / 2003: Up to 10 Gb/s

13 Jan 2000G-WIN-VortragInhalt G-WiN Services WDM/SDH Platform for Basic Service: –DFN-Internet (Best Effort); –Range: 128 Kb, 2, 34, 155, 622, 2500 Mb; Additional Services: –DFN-Connect (SDH Point-to-Point), At any time: 60 * 34 Mb/s; –DFN-ATM; –CoS (later, if HW/SW available);

14 Jan 2000G-WIN-VortragInhalt DFN-ATM Service Technical Basis: T-ATM of DTAG; VPN of T-ATM, but using G-WiN capacity; Available for 2M, 34M (and 155M as special service);

15 Jan 2000G-WIN-VortragInhalt DFN-ATM Service ADSL T-ATM- Site Backbone Site DFN Customer ATM-Switch Multiplexer Access Line G-WiN T-ATM

16 Jan 2000G-WIN-VortragInhalt G-WIN Status l All Level-1 PoPs are under test (SDH/WDM-Equipment, Router); l Level-1 Backbone delivery to DFN: 5th of June; l Level-1 PoP Customer: End of June; l Level-2 PoP Customer: In August; l DFN-Core-Router (L1): GSR ; l DFN-Access-Router (L1+L2): GSR 8/40 (up to 622 Mb); l GW between B-WIN and G-WIN: 9 * 155 Mb/s; l B-WIN closing: Automn 2000;

17 May 2000G-WIN-Tarif Tarif Structure IP-Best-Effort / Mainly Capacity-Oriented, but with a Volume Component; / Example for Starting Price List: Capacaty Volume Price 2 Mb/s 40 GB/M 50 TDM 34 Mb/s 660 GB/M 200 TDM 155 Mb/s 6000 GB/M 750 TDM 622 Mb/s25000 GB/M1450 TDM (further Infos:

18 Jan 2000G-WIN-VortragInhalt Intern. Connectivity lEurope via TEN-155 / Currently: 155 Mb/s; / July 2000: 2 * 155 Mb/s; / Automn 2000: 622 Mb/s; lUSA / Currently: 622 Mb/s (4*155); / June 2000: 2*622 Mb/s; l Further Links to: Russia, China, Ukraine, Korea

19 Jan 2000G-WIN-VortragInhalt Future Topics lIP over WDM; lGigaEther over WDM; lTest ofTerabit-Router (Avici, Pluris, Lucent,...) lManagement/Monitoring Tools for DFN and for Customers;

20 Jan 2000G-WIN-VortragInhalt lWithin WDM-Layer: / Protection Switching as Alternative to SDH; / Opt. A/D-Multiplexing; / Opt. Switches/Router; * Optical Testbeds

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