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South Milwaukee, WI USA.

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1 South Milwaukee, WI USA

2 Location The absolute location of South Milwaukee, WI is 42.9 degrees North Latitude and 87.8 degrees West Longitude The relative location of South Milwaukee answers: Where is it in relation to other locations? It is South of Cudahy, West of Lake Michigan, and North of Oak Creek.

3 Place Place tells what South Milwaukee, Wisconsin is like. South Milwaukee has a temperate climate (four seasons) There are residential and business areas. Most people speak English. There is a Great Lake to the East (Lake Michigan)

4 Movement The movement of people in South Milwaukee includes cars, buses, and bikes. Products are moved to and from S.M from all over the world by truck and shipping Ideas move through and in and out of SM by phones, , letters, and news sources like radio and TV

5 Human Environmental Interaction
People in South Milwaukee interact with the environment in many ways. They clear land for new roads and homes, they recycle, and sometimes even pollute.

6 Region The city of South Milwaukee is in a functional region. The region includes residential areas, business districts and parks. Wisconsin is in the Midwest region of the USA

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