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1 Welcome!

2 Hello! What’s your name? How are you? How old are you? What can you do? Where are you from?

3 Rules!! Speak English!


5 Ask questions and express your opinion

6 What is your favorite season

7 Ask and Answer the questions
What can you do in winter? What can you do in summer? What can you do in spring? What can you do in autumn? What can you do any time?

8 Read Ski Ride a bike Toboggan Run Play snowballs Dive Make a snowman
Swim Play hockey Play basketball Skate Play table tennis Jump Play volleyball Play football

9 Do you like………in winter?
Do you like……….in summer? Do you like……… in spring? Do you like……….. in autumn? What do you like to do in summer? in winter? in spring? in autumn?

10 Work in pairs! Ask and answer questions

11 Nick likes to play tennis in summer
run winter dive spring swim autumn ride a bike


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