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1 Charlotte’s Web By: E.B. White Modified By: Erin Sapperstein.

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1 1 Charlotte’s Web By: E.B. White Modified By: Erin Sapperstein

2 2 Chapter 1

3 3 One morning Fern woke up. Baby pigs were born. Her dad was going to sell them.

4 4 Fern wanted the little pig. Her dad called him the runt. She loved the pig.

5 5 Fern’s dad let her keep the pig. She needed to feed it and take care of it.

6 6 Fern named the pig Wilbur.

7 7 She fed Wilbur every day with a bottle. They took walks together.

8 8 Fern and Wilbur became good friends.

9 9 Wilber grew. He was big. He was too big to keep in the house.

10 10 Fern took him to her Uncle’s farm.

11 11 Chapter 2

12 12 Wilbur met a lot of friends at the new farm.

13 13 Wilbur became friends with a goose, the horses, the cows, and the sheep.

14 14 Wilbur liked the new farm. He missed his friend Fern.

15 15 But that night Wilbur heard someone say “I’ll be your friend!”

16 16 He looked up. In the corner of the door was a big spider web. Living in the web was Charlotte the spider.

17 17 Charlotte was a nice friend. She showed Wilbur how she made webs and ate bugs.

18 18 Charlotte told Wilbur that he she would help him. He was afraid he was going to become Thanksgiving dinner!

19 19 Charlotte promised she would help him.

20 20 That night, Charlotte spun a new web that said “some pig!”

21 21 The web was very special. People came to see it. Wilbur was famous!

22 22 Chapter 3

23 23 The next day, people were not excited about the some pig web.

24 24 Wilbur and his friends were worried he’d still become Thanksgiving dinner.

25 25 The animals met and Charlotte made a new web for Wilbur. It said “TERRIFIC!”

26 26 At school, Fern learned about the fair. She thought Wilbur should go!

27 27 The family took Wilbur to the fair.

28 28 Charlotte and Templeton the rat went with Wilbur.

29 29 Wilbur won the big trophy!

30 30 Everyone was happy.

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