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English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA) Natasha Wood.

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1 English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA) Natasha Wood

2 A study of people aged 50+ and their partners Multi-disciplinary - health, economic and social circumstances Longitudinal - change over time Comparative - USA (HRS) and Europe (SHARE) Funding - National Institute on Aging (US) & UK Government Departments Background

3 Research Team Dept of Epidemiology and Public Health, UCL National Centre for Social Research Institute for Fiscal Studies Universities of Manchester, East Anglia and Cambridge

4 Wave 1 12,099 Wave 2 9,432 Wave 3 9,771 Wave 4 11,050 Nurse visit 7,666 Nurse visit 8, /3 2004/5 2006/7 2008/9 Original sample interviewed in HSE 1998/1999/2001 Age 50+ on 1 Mar 2002 Refreshment sample HSE 2001/02/03/04 Age on 1 Mar 2006 Life-history 7,855 Refreshment sample from HSE 2006 Age on 1 Mar 2008 Wave 5 Approx 10,274 Risk module Approx 1, /11 History of ELSA Wave 6Nurse visit 2012/13 Refreshment sample from HSE 2009/10 Age on 1 Mar 2012

5 Household and individual demographics Health Social participation Work and pensions Income and assets Housing and consumption Cognitive function (assessments) Expectations Effort and reward (of voluntary work and caring) Psychosocial health Timed walk (for those 60+) Self-completion Main Interview Content

6 Nurse Visit Content Blood pressure Grip strength Blood sample (fasting where possible) Height (standing, sitting) Weight Waist and hip measurement Lung function Balance Leg rise Chair raise Saliva sample (after visit)

7 Life History Interview Follow up interview at Wave 3 Asks about childhood and important life events Aim to enhance our understanding of how early life and events throughout life impact upon circumstances of older people Calendar technique to enhance recall

8 Topics covered Children & fertility Partners Where lived Work history Health Relationship with parents as a child Other important life events


10 Plans for Wave 6 Social care Fluid intelligence

11 Fluid Intelligence Example BLANK What number belongs in the blank?

12 Plans for Wave 6 Social care Fluid intelligence Sexual functioning

13 Plans for Wave 6 Social care Fluid intelligence Sexual functioning Nurse visit, biomarkers

14 Wave 6 biomarkers Wave 2Wave 4Wave 6 Anthropometric Grip, balance, chair rise, tandem stand, leg raise Blood pressure, lung function Lipids, triglycerides, HbA1c, glucose C-reactive protein, fibrinogenC-reactive protein, fibrinogen, white cell count C-reactive protein, fibrinogen Haemoglobin, ferritin DNA(DNA) IGF-1, DHEAS?IGF-1, Vitamin D Apolipoprotein E

15 Plans for Wave 6 Social care Fluid intelligence Sexual functioning Nurse visit, biomarkers Multiple drug use (polypharmacy)

16 Findings

17 Disease outcomes at older ages in the US & England Source: Banks et al. (May, 2006) Disease and Disadvantage in the United States and in England; JAMA, Vol 295, No.17 Ages in 2002

18 Childhood disease in the US & England Source: Banks et al. (May 2011) Childhood health and differences in late-life health outcomes between England and the United States, NBER Working Paper and forthcoming in Wise et al (ed), Investigations into the Economics of Ageing, NBER 20011

19 Unemployment before 50 & quality of life Source: Wahrendorf,M.; Blane D. & J. Siegrist

20 Wave 4 Report Findings A quarter of households experienced at least a 10% increase in the share of their income devoted to basics. Spending on domestic fuel rose by more than a third The poorest fifth are more sedentary, heavier and least likely to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables than the wealthiest fifth –trend has been increasing over time Half of those aged 50 to 74 provide some form of help to friends and neighbours, with more than 1 in 10 actively providing care for someone - partner or parent Increasing reports of feeling lonely and less happy with life Source: Financial circumstances, health and well-being of the older population in England; The 2008 English Longitudinal Study Of Ageing (Wave 4)

21 Data Available

22 ELSA data in the archive FileWave 0Wave 1Wave 2Wave 3Wave 4 Core Data Nurse Data N/A N/A Index File Updates TBA Life History DataN/A N/A Ryff Self Completion DataN/A N/A Telephone Interview (with non -responders) Data N/A TBA End of Life Interview DataN/A TBA Financial Derived VariablesN/A Pension Wealth Derived Variables N/A N/A Pension GridN/A TBA Mortgage DataN/A N/A Mortgage GridN/A TBA Technical ReportN/A 5 TBA

23 Further information ELSA website: Data and associated documentation: Contact me:

24 Questions?

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