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Working Together with Parents Network 2013-2014 Welcome.

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1 Working Together with Parents Network 2013-2014 Welcome

2 House keeping When are the breaks? Where are the toilets? Is there a fire alarm? Phones on silent please Please include everyone in how we talk.

3 Whats happening today? Plans for 2013 -2014 The issues we face – what should the theme groups focus on first? Encouragement Lunch Encouragement Adding details to the plans through group discussions/ getting involved

4 Aims of this stage Continue to share new developments in practice. Raising awareness and providing support to the wide range of other professionals Developing practice based outputs which will support positive practice. Ensure others understand that Promoting the welfare of the children of parents with learning difficulties is paramount to all organisations and individuals within the Working Together with Parents network.

5 Plans for 2013-2014 Funding from Esmee Fairbairn 3 networks in one Wales – Learning Disability Wales Scotland – Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability Same focus different approaches.

6 New phase Established 2006 Developed into a professional network Mainly email exchange in recent years 600 members across the 3 countries Spoke and hub model

7 English Network Co-ordinator Theme groups Work with other country networks Policy Officer Set up expert group Policy response/tailoring of outputs Administrator on-going communication/ website

8 Advice from parents/ English planning London Network Building Bridges Vicky and Liz steer English core group. Phone calls to plan developments

9 Expert group Way to engage with mainstream/family support etc. Policy officer to develop relationships and convene Advice on how to engage with issues Grow awareness and common ground with stake holder groups......

10 Review of Good Practice Guidance Whats happening in the regions/sub-regions? Local responses to parents with learning difficulties and their context (positive and negative, any specific service developments). Local practice/policies and protocols. Strategies for multi-agency working.

11 Review of Good Practice (GPG) Survey for child protection managers and directors in England (and Scotland). Their awareness of the good practice guidance. Any interagency protocols/referral strategies. Examples of multi-agency working.

12 Regional groups 3 regions Establish local networks Initial meeting and mini- conference focusing on review of GPG Develop list of local resources/good contacts Anyone want to help develop group in their region? Provide a room to meet more frequently?

13 Theme groups 4 groups over the two years. Bring together interested members: – Meet to discuss/plan – Research/develop supportive information – Develop out put – Tailor to appropriate audiences Funding for 2 meetings

14 Topics for theme groups The proposal suggested: Inter-agency working. Early intervention and early support. On-going and/or 24 hour support. 4 th one to be decided We will discuss whether these the most important areas to focus on?

15 Issues we face Presentation by Samantha and Liz. Discussion of key issues Are these topics most important for the theme groups to address – Inter-agency working. – Early intervention and early support. – On-going and/or 24 hour support. – 4 th one to be decided

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