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Soil Clay: poor drainage, soil is waterlogged heavy cultivation

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1 Soil Clay: poor drainage, soil is waterlogged heavy cultivation
cold, late soil nutrients not leached Loam: drains well but water remains in soil easy cultivation warms up quite quickly nutrients remain in the soil Sand: drains quickly so the soil is dry easy cultivation warms up quickly nutrients leached from the soil

2 Testing soil pH Add distilled water to soil and mix
Add barium sulphate to allow soil to settle Add universal indicator solution Check against a pH chart

3 Effect of soil pH Acid soils can be neutralised using lime
Alkaline soils can be neutralised using FYM pH affects the ability of plants to absorb nutrients

4 Food Chains and Webs Carnivore/ Secondary Consumer Producer Herbivore/
Primary Consumer At each stage in the food chain energy is lost because: organisms respire some of the organism is inedible eg. bones and roots some of the organism is indigestible and is excreted in the faeces

5 Habitats A habitat is a place where an organism lives

6 Weeds These are plants growing where we do not want them to.
They compete with crops for light, water and nutrients

7 Types of Weed Control Chemical: Herbicides Cultural:
Mulching – covering the soil with bark, FYM or grass cuttings Polythene – black plastic prevents light reaching the weed seeds Hoeing – removing the weeds with a hoe

8 Monoculture Removal of Hedgerows leading to soil erosion
Loss of Habitats Increased Pests Increased use of Fertilisers

9 Organic Food No artificial fertilisers used, only organic ones like FYM No chemical pesticides used, only biological control of pests Organic food is healthier for you but does not necessarily taste any better

10 Use of Large Machinery Improves efficiency of farming
Compacts the soil leading to poor drainage and lack of oxygen for respiration

11 Keeping Animals Intensive Farming:
High inputs of labour, feed, chemicals Large profits Animals are at high stocking densities Animals are not able to show normal behaviour Extensive Farming: Low inputs and lower profits Animals at low stocking densities Animals are able to behave naturally.

12 Ancient Monuments Farmers must
protect any ancient monuments on their land from damage by the public protect the public from any damage due to the ancient monument

13 Countryside Right of Way Act
Farmers must ensure that any public footpaths on their land are accessible and stiles are maintained. Public footpaths cannot go through back or front gardens, military land, quarries, airfields etc. Access can be restricted for example during lambing, nesting or shooting

14 Renewable and Non Renewable energy

15 Risk Assessments

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