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NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme 2011 Applicant Information and Assessment Masterclass

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1 NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme 2011 Applicant Information and Assessment Masterclass

2 The scheme exists to grow highly skilled managers who have the potential to go on to achieve senior leadership positions IN THE NHS to improve health and healthcare. Purpose of the NHS Graduate Scheme

3 Our Scheme Successes 6th in The Times 'Top 100 Graduate Employers' in 2010. 2010 Times Top 100: Graduate Employers of Choice Award for HR. Winner of Diversity Award, CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards 2010 2010 Top Rated Public Sector Employer – The Guardian UK 300 7 th in The 300 most popular graduate recruiters 2010 – The Guardian UK 300 Our Finance Trainees have been placed 1 st in the CIMA world rankings 2007 & 2009 AGR: Graduate Selection & Assessment Award. This is awarded in recognition of the rigor and fairness of the recruitment process..

4 Can you meet the challenge? 1.5 million people use the NHS every 36hrs One of the largest organisations in Europe with approx 100 billion budget and 90 different occupations and professions The White Paper & Change in Government Current NHS re-structure: Reduced spending & headcount, revised targets & measures. Focus on service transformation and improvement Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention Meeting the needs of a diverse population The Media Spotlight A high calibre scheme that has 3 of the last 4 Chief Executives as Alumni

5 Scheme Structure A 2 yr fast track management scheme that consists of: An extensive induction/orientation to the NHS Work based placements in NHS organisations Engagement with clinicians and frontline NHS services A Post Graduate Qualification Management tools and Experiential Learning Personal development Peer support (buddies & action learning) Exposure to senior management (mentors and coaches) Career Development and assisted transition into first role post scheme Specialist Knowledge in 1 management specialism (General Management, HR Management, Health Informatics Management or Finance Management (2 ½ yrs) Plus professional membership

6 Overview from a current Graduate Trainee OR Video Clip: A day in the life of a Graduate Trainee Who is a NHS Graduate Trainee? Minimum 2:2 degree, any discipline Ownership of your career Decision making Passion and work ethos aligned to NHS values Integrity, commitment and energy Patient-centred approach Able to work in a diverse NHS Outstanding leadership potential

7 Stage 1: w/c 22nd Nov 2010 to 6 th January 2011 Application Form and Online Tests Stage 2: February 2011 Competency based Interviews with NHS Managers Stage 3: March/April 2011 Assessment Centre with range of group and individual exercises Successful Applicants will start on the Scheme on 1 st September 2011. How do I apply?

8 Online Tests - Pre-sift - Verbal reasoning - Numerical reasoning - Situational judgement test - Motivational questionnaire PRACTICE! - Give yourself the best conditions - Be aware of time pressure

9 Competency Based Interview - Driving for and achieving results - Communicating and influencing - Leading and taking responsibility - Motivations for joining for NHS and the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme

10 Follow us on Twitter @ NHSGradScheme Become a fan on Facebook: NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme fanpage For more information....

11 Assessment Masterclass

12 Introduction to selection methods Interview Skills and Practice How to use STAR stories Top Tips What we will cover..... Key Questions..... 1.How do interviews make you feel? 2. What do you think employers are looking for during an interview?

13 Are based around person specification Are designed to find out about candidates skills, knowledge and experience relevant to role Ask about past situations where candidates have demonstrated skills, knowledge and experience Competency and Scenario-based questions Give the candidate the opportunity to sell themselves Intro to Structured Interviews....

14 Interview Technique Remember the top tips – look at the competencies and prepare your examples. Be comprehensive (showing depth of the answer) but also be concise (highlighting key skills and attributes) Structure your answers: For example you could use SMART (be specific, demonstrate how it was measured, achieved and how realistic it was and include a timeframe for context) and STAR stories (describing the situation, task, action and the result)

15 The STAR story approach SITUATION – Set the scene: What was the situation? Who was involved? TASK – What was the task that needed to be done? What was the desired outcome? What was your role? ACTION – What did you do to achieve the outcome? What preparation/ steps did you take? RESULT – What was the result? Was it successful? What did you learn from it? Would you have done anything differently?

16 Prepare your STAR story.... Consider your experience and using the STAR template cover 1 of the following scenarios: - A time you have taken the lead/responsibility OR - A time you have demonstrated strong influencing skills Remember you can use any examples – University/previous jobs/volunteer work and so on

17 Practice makes perfect... 1. In pairs take 5 minutes each to rehearse your STAR story 2. Provide feedback to your partner on their STAR story Were you able to follow their story Was there a clear Situation, Task, Action and Result? Did they focus enough time on each section? Did they have a clear result? – were they able to demonstrate how this was satisfactory Any further advice?

18 Alternative & Additional Selection Methods Non-structured Interviews Psychometric Testing (e.g. Verbal and numerical testing) Personality Questionnaires Assessment Centres Task References Graphology and Astrology!

19 Assessment Masterclass Summary Practice, Practice, Practice PREPARE for interviews Do your RESEARCH on the organisations and the role Base answers around the person specification/ competencies Prepare some questions of your own Demonstrate genuine passion and enthusiasm Relax & enjoy Be yourself !


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