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Queen Victoria!!. Queen Victoria Born: 24 th May 1819 Became Queen: 20 th June 1837 Married: Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg They had 9 children together.

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1 Queen Victoria!!

2 Queen Victoria Born: 24 th May 1819 Became Queen: 20 th June 1837 Married: Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg They had 9 children together. Prince Albert died 14 th December 1861, leaving Victoria to rule alone. After this she wore black for the rest of her life. She never looked directly at a camera when her photo was taken after Albert had died.

3 The Victorians The Victorians are people that lived in 19 th century Britain under the reign of Victoria. This was a time of great change in technology and society. Factories emerged and cities began to grow larger and larger. With all of these changes do you think that Victorian Britain was a good place to live?

4 Continued… Life was difficult for many Victorians. Children as young as you had to work to help their parents put food on the table. Cities, like Manchester, were very smoky and sooty and made some people poorly. As life was hard the Victorians embraced any opportunity to celebrate.

5 Jubilee Does anybody know what a Jubilee is? A Jubilee is a celebration of a King or Queens time on the throne. The whole nation gets together to celebrate the Monarchs reign. How do you think these days were celebrated in Victorias time?

6 Diamond Jubilee The year is 1897 and the town of Hull is getting ready to celebrate a monumental occasion. Queen Victoria has been on the throne for 59 years and this year marks her 60 th year as Queen. After 60 years of ruling the country King and Queens are thrown a Diamond Jubilee Party by the public. Queen Victoria is the only Monarch to have reigned for 60 years so far!! But next year our Queen, Elizabeth II, will have also have ruled for 60 years. This means that our country will be able to celebrate like the Victorians did 115 years ago. How did the Victorians celebrate?

7 How did they celebrate? The Victorians were very keen on huge firework displays. Banquets. Parties in parks such as Pearson Park. Children received mugs and medals. Balloons Bonfires Music And people less fortunate received tickets for food and a school for nurses was set up for the poor.

8 Schedule Sunday Church praises and prayers for the Queen with singing and celebrating. There was Bell ringing and celebrations, but due to Sunday being a day of rest, there were not many activities.

9 Schedule continued... Monday Bonfires were lit up and down the country as a sign of celebration. There huge firework displays. Monday was a day of light.

10 Schedule continued... Tuesday This was a day of great activity. There were many sporting events for adults and children, with many prizes. As well as afternoon tea, a concert and a ball to attend!!

11 WAIT!! We have all of these activities and events, but what are we missing?? Can anyone tell me??

12 Thats right!! Food!! What would a party be without food?

13 Food The Victorians enjoyed great feasts. They had expensive foods and impressive parties to go with them. Those who were wealthy got to enjoy these wonderful meals and rich foods. This what our lucky Victorians got to eat on a day of celebration....


15 Food continued... However, not all Victorians were as lucky as the wealthy when it came to celebrating. Some could not afford to attend these banquets. Fortunately, the Government made sure that the poor were able to have a meal on Jubilee day. They received a ticket which gave them a free meal.

16 Activity 1 The Victorians enjoyed writing about the Jubilee. In your workbooks there will be some articles from the Jubilee which you will get to read. These articles will help you to answer the question on the following page.

17 Example... If the seats were put end to end, they would reach from London to Eastbourne, with gaps of 1,408 yards, for in length they are over 64 miles. Where would the seats reach too when lined up? London to Eastbourne. How many miles do the chairs stretch over? 64 miles.

18 What is next? Now that we have read through some of the newspaper articles, we should be able to understand the Jubilee a bit better. It is time to understand just how much work and money goes into preparing for the Jubilee.

19 The costs The Jubilee was a very expensive time, with many companies trying to get their products used for the celebrations. Councils, like Hull, received many quotes from companies trying to offer better deals than anyone else. Things like fireworks, bonfires, banquets, concerts and balls were all very expensive.

20 Quotes This is the type of information which Councils received.

21 Costs continued... The events took a lot of organisation and planning as well as money. This meant that councils needed to budget their money wisely in order to afford everything. However, everyone was expecting a great show and Councils had to deliver.

22 Activity 2 Your second task for today is to plan and budget your own celebration. You will be able to do this by using the information provided in your work booklets.

23 Example... If you have £10 and you need to buy fireworks that cost £5, how many can you buy?

24 What we know?? We already know that the Victorians enjoyed writing about their Jubilee celebrations. Also, we know how much work went into preparing for the day. BUT... What did the Victorians wear?

25 Victorian Clothes For the Jubilee the Victorians wore their Sunday Best. What do you think this means? The Victorians wore smart clothes for the Jubilee. Victorian children were dressed as miniature adults.

26 Activity 3 What you wore also depended on how much money you had. The wealthy were able to wear grand clothes, while the poor were not so lucky. Would anyone like to come up and try on some Victorian clothing?

27 Activity 3 continued... In your booklets you will be able to draw yourselves in Victorian Sunday Best as you prepare yourself for the Jubilee celebrations.


29 Conclusion How long do you need to rule before you can have a Diamond Jubilee? How did they celebrate? How would you like to celebrate next years Jubilee for Queen Elizabeth II? Any questions for us?

30 Thank you very much for listening we hope that you have all had an enjoyable afternoon.

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