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Research Perspectives Ann L Cunliffe University of New Mexico.

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1 Research Perspectives Ann L Cunliffe University of New Mexico

2 Metatheoretical assumptions? Ontology ~ what is the nature of social reality? What does it mean to be human and how we relate to others? Epistemology ~ What is the nature of knowledge?

3 The Old Dualism Subject(ivism) Reality as a projection of human imagination. Subject is a reflective individual or actor. Knowledge is personal. Individual experience & consciousness. Transcendental phenomenology & solipsism. Methods: explore individual understandings & how people give meanings. Object(ivism) Reality as a concrete given, determining behavior. Object as material artifact, symbol, text, truth, law or principle. Knowledge is universal and real in terms of observable similarities, laws and patterns. Positivism, neo positivism. Methods: explore structures, behaviors and systems.

4 Why theres no longer a clear cut distinction… 1. Subject and object are in some way mutually implicated. 2. Not subjects but subjectivities. 3. Both subjects and objects have agency. 4. Subject becomes object. And ………….

5 Intersubjectivity Social realities relative to interactions between people in moments of time & space. We are always embedded in an intricate flow of complexly entwined relationally-responsive activities (Shotter, 2008; Cunliffe 2009). Humans as intersubjective, embodied, relational & reflexively embedded.

6 Re-Imagining Methods Around New Problematics Objectivism. Common meanings, sequential time, single hermeneutic. Inter- network Subjectivism. Meanings negotiated in artful practices, subjective/ ruptured time, double hermeneutic. Interaction Intersubjectivism I ndeterminate meanings, embedded/embodied time in living moments, reflexive hermeneutic. Relational

7 Three Problematics A cross-disciplinary sense of where our questions come from, what is thinkable and not thinkable in the name of social inquiry in particular historical conjunctions. (Lather, 2006: 46). 1. Relationality – the type of elements in, and nature of, relationships. 2. Durability – of society, meanings, knowledge etc., across time and space. 3. Meanings – what & where meaning is located. 4. Historicity – concept of time and progress. 5. Mediation – the place of the researcher in the research. 6. Form of knowledge – epistemology.

8 So what are the implications for… 1. Research design 2. Methods 3. What is data 4. Data analysis 5. Theorizing 6. Language and writing ….?????


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