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INTEGRATING EMPLOYABILITY STRANDS Diana Barker & Lisa Henshall – Careers Service – Scarborough Campus.

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1 INTEGRATING EMPLOYABILITY STRANDS Diana Barker & Lisa Henshall – Careers Service – Scarborough Campus

2 AIMS Raise awareness of how we work with students in departments Give an insight into how the careers inputs have developed over the years Share issues and challenges that we have encountered Generate discussion on future developments

3 FRAMEWORK We work within a flexible framework which enables us to support the learning outcomes of the academic programmes as well as developing employability skills: – Level Four – Awareness of the broader aspects of career planning and employability issues including establishing individual responsibility for skills development. – Level Five – Heightened awareness of employability and key work skills through students actively reviewing own skills profile, exploring work sector requirements and planning a strategy for developing their own capabilities. – Level Six – Review and evaluate chosen options following graduation, improve student capabilities relating to securing chosen opportunity

4 METHODS OF ENGAGEMENT There are various core themes within the framework, including: – Using different ways of encouraging students to engage with their own personal career development. – Encouraging students to take responsibility for their own career planning and skills development. – Helping students to become more self-aware and realise the opportunities available to them.

5 Developmental model Our Careers Service model of engagement is governed not only by the Universitys Learning and Teaching Strategy, but also by external factors. For example: – Entering the Profession – QTS Primary Education Degree – Year 3 – Business Management – Year 1

6 ISSUES AND CHALLENGES Inconsistencies in access to student groups across campus Sessions within the core curriculum or bolt-on? Little time for prior planning with course tutors and follow up within programmes Timing and resources

7 STEPS FORWARD Look to improve liaison between the Careers Service and academic departments, for example, using the Careers Forum Gradual increase in the amount of Careers Service sessions delivered in certain departments within the core timetable Over subscribed Career Management Skills Free Elective.

8 Helping create more employable graduates Suzanne Tucker and Lisa Henshall - Careers Service

9 Aims Raise awareness of the growing importance of employability Better understanding of the Career Management Skills Free Elective Generate thoughts on why we need to refresh

10 Importance of employability Economic climate Changing student demands Employers

11 Career Management Skills Develops key employability skills Changes Popularity Academic peer assessment

12 Why we need to refresh to make something look or feel fresher or brighter Competition Changing times Universities Employers

13 Questions? How does your department currently work with the Careers Service? How do you integrate employability strands and activities within your programmes? We are keen to hear about examples of good practice.

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