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Communication mix or promotion mix

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1 Communication mix or promotion mix
Chapter = 2 Communication mix or promotion mix

2 Philip Kotler says “A Company’s total marketing communication mix also called its promotion mix consists of the specific blend of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations and direct marketing tools that the company uses to pursue its advertising and marketing objectives.”

3 Components of marketing communication
Advertising Personal selling Publicity or public relations Sales promotion Direct marketing Internet marketing

4 Factors affecting communication mix
Nature of product Stages of product life cycle Nature of target market Size of promotion budget Push and Pull strategy Promotional objectives Price policy Distribution policy Availability of promotional methods Level of competition

5 Degree of brand familiarity
Branded or unbranded products Seasonal product

6 Need for integrated marketing communication

7 Optimum communication mix

8 Promotion mix determination procedure
Consider all available promotional methods select optimum communication mix Appropriation for promotion mix Evaluation of effectiveness of different promotional tools

9 Nature of products Consume products Industrial products

10 Differences Advertising and sales promotion
Advertising and personal selling Advertising and publicity

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