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The Year 5/6 Science Quiz Part One. Section 1 The Human Body.

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1 The Year 5/6 Science Quiz Part One

2 Section 1 The Human Body

3 Question 1 What 2 important things do humans need to stay alive?

4 Question 2 Give three reasons why you have a skeleton

5 Question 3 What is the pulse? Is it: A.A fruit B.A Heartbeat C.A Blood Vessel

6 Section 2 Green Plants

7 Question 4 What are the three ways in which fruits and seeds can be scattered?

8 Question 5 In what part of the plant does most photosynthesis happen? A.Flower B.Roots C.Leaves

9 Question 6 When pollen lands on the stigma, is this pollination or fertilisation?

10 Section 3 Variation and Classification

11 Question 7 All living things can be placed into one of two groups. What are the groups?

12 Question 8 What does vertebrate mean?

13 Question 9 What is the name of the trees that do not lose their leaves in winter?

14 Section 4 Living Things in their Environment

15 Question 10 What is the name of the place where a plant or an animal lives?

16 Question 11 What does an arrow mean when used in a food chain?

17 Question 12 Give one adaptation that a seal has so that it can live in the cold sea.

18 Section 5 Grouping Materials

19 Question 13 What kinds of materials make good thermal conductors?

20 Question 14 Would electricity be able to pass through A.Wood B.Metal C.Plastic

21 Question 15 What does permeable mean?

22 Section 6 Changing Materials

23 Question 16 What happens to sugar when you add it to a cup of tea?

24 Question 17 What is water called when its a gas?

25 Question 18 Complete this sentence: When you melt chocolate you are changing a solid to a _____

26 Section 7 Separating Mixtures of Materials

27 Question 19 Which two of these solids are soluble in water? Sugar, nails, stones, salt

28 Question 20 If you dissolved some salt into water, how would you separate the salt from the water?

29 Question 21 Condensation forms when warm damp air touches what? A.A cold surface B.A warm surface

30 Section 8 Electricity

31 Question 22 Name 4 things in your house that wouldnt work if there was no electricity.

32 Question 23 Why do bathroom light switches often have a cord hanging from them?

33 Question 24 If you add an extra battery to a circuit containing a bulb, how will this affect the bulb?

34 Section 9 Forces and Motion

35 Question 25 What are the four things that forces can cause objects to do?

36 Question 26 What instrument do you use to measure force?

37 Question 27 What is the name of the force that gives us grip?

38 Section 10 Light and Sound

39 Question 28 How are shadows formed?

40 Question 29 On a sunny day, what time of the day will your shadow be shortest?

41 Question 30 How are sounds produced?

42 End of Part One

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