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Reproductive Systems. Do Now... Take out your Pre-Test so we can fix our errors.

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1 Reproductive Systems

2 Do Now... Take out your Pre-Test so we can fix our errors

3 Male Reproductive System 2 Main functions of the reproductive system: ▫Produce and store sperm

4 Puberty in Males Between the ages of 12-15 males reproductive system matures. Male reproductive hormone, Testosterone ◦ Testosterone will indicate physical changes  Broadening shoulders  Deepening voice  Body/facial hair  Production of SPERM

5 External Reproductive Organs Testes: two small glands that secrete testosterone and produce sperm  Sperm  The male reproductive cell  Men can not run out of sperm  It begins to produced when a boy hits puberty

6 External Reproductive Organs Scrotum: Sack that holds the testes Penis: Tube shaped organ that extends from the trunk of the body above the testes.

7 Internal Reproductive Organs Urethra: carries fluids out of the body. Epididymis: Hold mature sperm Vas Deferens: Tube that carries the sperm from the epididymis to the penis.

8 Internal Reproductive Organs Seminal Vesicle: Located in the pelvis region, secretion of fluids that later form the semen. Cowper’s Gland: two small glands located near the bladder, produces clear fluid

9 Testicular Cancer Can affect males of any age, but occurs most often in males between 14-40 Treatable with surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.

10 Prostate Cancer Cancer of the prostate Most common cancer among men Over 2 Million men consider themselves cancer survivors!

11 Female Reproductive System

12 Functions: ▫producing sex hormones and storing eggs.

13 Puberty Hormones: Estrogen and Progesterone ▫Indicated physical changes in the body  Hips broaden  Sliming of the waist  Breast develop  Hair  Menstruation  Ovulation

14 Internal Female Organs Vagina: The passageway from the uterus to the outside of the body. Its is also called the birth canal Cervix: Lower portion of uterus Urethra: Tube that contains urine and is connected to the bladder

15 Internal Female Organs Fallopian Tubes: a pair of tubes with fingerlike projections that draw in the ovum. Fimbria: soft tissue around the fallopian Tube (finger like projections)

16 Internal Reproductive Organs Egg cells: produced and stored in the ovaries Ovaries: female sex gland that stores and produces ova (egg) and produce female sex hormones. Ovum: a mature egg

17 Internal Uterus: hollow, muscular, pear shaped organ that nourishes and protects a fertilized ovum until birth. Uterine Lining: outer lining of the uterus, shed during menstruation.

18 Menstruation 28 day cycle

19 During Menstruation Days 1-5 ▫Menstruation occurs and lining of the uterus leaves the body

20 After Menstruation Days 6-15 ▫Uterus is working to repair itself, preparing for a fertilized egg. ▫Days 13-15 egg is released from an ovary.  Ovulation: the process of releasing a mature ovum into the fallopian tube each month. 

21 Before Menstruation Days 16-28 ▫Blood vessels in the wall of the uterus shrink and break down, preparing for menstruation ▫If egg is fertilized during ovulation the egg will embed itself into the wall of the uterus.

22 Menstrual Cramps Occur at the beginning of period or when ovulating ▫Treat: applying heating pad to abs, exercise, O-T- C.

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