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1 Hyperbolas

2 a d2-d1=constant d2-d1=2a

3 VOCABULARY Hyperbola: is the set of all points P such that the difference of the distances between P and the two fixed points, foci, is constant. The line through the foci intersect the hyperbola at two vertices. The transverse axis joins the vertices. Its midpoint is the hyperbola’s center. A hyperbola has two asymptotes.

4 Equation (Horizontal, centered at origin)

5 Equation (Vertical, centered at origin)

6 c2=a2+b2

7 Example: determine and plot the coordinates of the foci and vertices then graph the hyperbola. Include asymptotes: Horizontal or Vertical? General Equation? a= b= c= Foci: Vertices: Asymptotes: Lift up screen

8 Foci (0,-4), (0,4) and vertices (0,-2), (0,2)
Find the equation of the Hyperbola centered at (0,0) given: Foci (0,-4), (0,4) and vertices (0,-2), (0,2)

9 Assignment Time Quiz Next Time!

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