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Electricity! It’s Shocking!!. Remember the electron??

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1 Electricity! It’s Shocking!!

2 Remember the electron??

3 Basics The size of the electric force between two objects depends on the size of the charges exerting the force and the distance between the objects. Charged objects exert a force on each other and can cause each other to move. Objects become charged when they gain or lose electrons.

4 The law of electric charges states that like charges repel and…

5 …opposites attract

6 How do objects become charged? Objects may become charged by friction, conduction, or induction.

7 Friction

8 Conduction

9 Induction

10 Good to know: Charges are not created or destroyed and are said to be conserved. Charges move easily in conductors but do not move easily in insulators. Static electricity is the buildup of electric charges on an object. It is lost through electric discharge. Just like HEAT!!!

11 Electricity! It’s Shocking!!

12 Current Electricity Electric current is the rate at which charges pass a given point. An electric current can be made when there is a potential difference between two points. As voltage, or potential difference increases, current increases.


14 Units Potential difference – VOLTAGE Current – AMPERE (or AMPS) Resistance – OHM Ohm’s Law – the relationship between the three

15 As resistance increases, current decreases.

16 Resistance (is futile) An object’s resistance varies depending on the object’s material, thickness, length, and temperature.

17 Cells and batteries convert chemical energy or radiant energy into electrical energy.

18 AC/DC – it’s not just your parent’s band AC current – current flows both ways; this is what we get from power plants and our wall sockets DC current – current flows only one way, from negative terminal to positive terminal; this is what we get from batteries

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