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Speaker Name Media Kit 2013. Introduction Sumptuous and chic, How To Spend It is the ultimate in weekend reading. It is a glossy lifestyle magazine full.

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1 Speaker Name Media Kit 2013

2 Introduction Sumptuous and chic, How To Spend It is the ultimate in weekend reading. It is a glossy lifestyle magazine full of statement, style and sophistication. Published monthly in the Weekend FT with ten themed editions, and eight Friday Editions. How To Spend It is tightly focused on how the educated, affluent and influential spend their money. Entering its nineteenth year, it is vital reading for a unique audience, who enjoy serious recreational spending. Its intelligent and innovative editorial, fresh design and quality production, combine to create a weekend reading experience which is second to none. Edited by Gillian de Bono, How To Spend It provides readers with in depth features on crucial personal buying choices and pursuits, offering a stylish analysis of the axis where the corporate and the cultural meet. Covering a diverse range of topics for our male and female audiences, we regularly feature: travel, interiors, fashion, food and wine, luxury goods, profiles on consumer companies, personalities, skiing and cars. How To Spend It perfectly complements our readers lifestyles and consumer spending habits, creating the ideal environment for prestigious advertising. How To Spend It was voted Colour Supplement of the Year at The 2012 Newspaper Awards for the 10th consecutive year. It is also the only colour supplement to win all three major industry awards – The British Press Awards, The British Society of Magazine Editors and The Newspaper Awards – something no other colour supplement has achieved.

3 How To Spend It is widely regarded as the benchmark for luxury lifestyle magazines. Of course, it helped that we were the first, but to retain our pre-eminent position in an increasingly competitive marketplace is testament to the calibre of our writers and photographers, the uncompromising standards of our in-house team, the unmatched quality of our global readership and, of course, the enormous support we have received over the years from luxury advertisers whose wonderful display advertisements have enriched our pages. With further developments planned across both our print and digital platforms, we look forward to many more years of evolution and growth while maintaining, throughout, our total commitment to editorial excellence and integrity. Gillian de Bono EDITOR, HOW TO SPEND IT

4 Circulation & Demographics CIRCULATION WORLDWIDE412,95221.4% Continental Europe133,58019.4% UK & Republic of Ireland124,52325.9% USA**90,4507.9% S.E. Asia & Australasia50,01146.6% Japan & Korea14,38825.1% DEMOGRAPHICS Male62% Female38% 25 – 54 year old57% Average net worth$2.12M Millionaires21% Work for international companies72% Source: FT Internal figures July – December 2011 / HTSI readership survey 2011 * % of Saturday Advantage over weekend **US subscription only copies 64,000

5 Readers lifestyle Characteristically brand loyal, style aware and financially indulgent. Our readers spending habits: Of our readers… 86% agree that they love to travel to new destinations. 1 in 10 of own a yacht/boat or plan to buy one. 88% agree that they have an interest in the Arts. 75% agree that they are always looking for design inspiration for the home. Over half consider themselves early adopters of technology with a quarter of our readers browsing the internet on a tablet device. Respondents spend 23 minutes on average reading How To Spend It. Readers keep each copy on average for eight days. 74% pass their copy of How To Spend It on to someone else. Watch over $9.6k 22% Fine jewellery over $8k 12% HTSI readers spend an average $3,764 on bags, shoes and other accessories. Annually a collective $4.16 billion. Source: HTSI readership survey 2011/BE Europe 2012

6 Key editorial features THE AESTHETETRAVELISTAECLECTIBLESVAN DER POSTINGS Always the first column Q&A with leading taste makers Explores their life and loves Travel the world with up to the minute insights for the seasoned jet setter: Hotel openings; events; new places to discover Available as part of travel sector sponsorship on Curated by the How To Spend It team Eclectic objets de lux Sponsorship opportunities available on Luxury dispatches from the doyenne of luxury, Lucia Van de Post Sponsorship opportunities available on

7 Key editorial features TECHNOPOLISSMOOTH GUIDEALL OVER THE SHOPPERFECT WEEKEND, CAPTAINS TABLE Written by Jonathan Margolis Reviews of latest gadgets and gizmos Available as part of our technology sponsorship opportunities on The long unashamedly luxurious weekend Leading figures share their secrets Available as part of travel sector sponsorship on Five regular features in the final section of How To Spend It which includes: The Cult Shop – Hidden gems revealed for How To Spend It readers The Gannet – Tucker tips for the jet setting gourmet For Goodness Sake – A trinity of channels for philanthropic urges The Smart Money – Studying form for the speculative enthusiast PERFECT WEEKEND How the great and good like to spend their down time From the places they love to lunch and dine to their favourite shopping haunts CAPTAINS TABLE How our business elite like to wine, dine and entertain during the week Both available to sponsor on

8 Online 3 years after its first foray into the digital world and after last year successful launch of its iPad App, How To Spend It is now entering a new stage of its digital development with the redesign of The new website will offer easier and faster access to our multi- award-winning content. With an unrivalled depth of digital content, is the ultimate encyclopaedia on luxury lifestyle. How To Spend It is written and produced by the same team behind the internationally acclaimed magazine. It is the first truly integrated print, mobile and online media to create a compelling luxury environment for editorial and advertising. Short-listed for a Lovie Award for the Lifestyle Website 2012.

9 iPad app A FREE app that delivers the content of more than 75 issues and the last three years digital archive of the FTs multi-award winning luxury lifestyle magazine. Exclusive daily postings by its top contributors. With glamour and authority in equal measure, it showcases the very best in fast cars and fabulous fashion, insider travel and exquisite homes, covetable gadgets and collectable watches – and everything in between. The app is updated daily with news, features and gift ideas, so check back regularly. The Gift Guide: over 700 gorgeous gift ideas for him and for her, with a new one added every day of the year. How To Spend It iPad app in numbers: Over 150,000 downloads More than 1,100,000 sessions since launch (Sept 2011) On average 33,000 active users per month consuming 33.37 Page Impressions per month Short listed for a Webby Award in the iPad lifestyle app category 2012.

10 Campaigns

11 Property special Published bi-annually worldwide, these specials focus on the latest news and trends: where the most exciting and lucrative developments are for both second homes and rental properties, who the most innovative architects and designers are – and how they are enticing wealthy cosmopolitans looking to own luxurious lairs in more than one continent. READERS Almost half own an investment property/second home 27% own a property worth $1.6M plus 58% are planning on moving/buying another property or making home improvements in the next 12 months* KEY DETAILS Min of 24 pages (max of 32 pages) WW Distribution Dedicated front cover Fully integrated into the main magazine. Source: HTSI readership survey 2011

12 Mens Fashion special Published bi-anually worldwide. According to the How To Spend It readership survey, over half of our male readers have requested more male fashion coverage. In response, we now publishing two dedicated fashion specials within How To Spend It, both Spring and Autumn. READERS Have an average annual income of around $222,400 and one in five is a sterling millionaire * 50% are interested in Fashion trends** The average FT male reader spends a staggering 73% more than the average on suits+ Spend more on shoes than readers of any other quality daily.*** Across Europe, The FT reaches more men who earn $300,150+ who like to be well dressed, than any other competitor.** Have spent more on suits in the last 12 months than readers of any other UK quality daily national KEY DETAILS Min of 24 pages (max of 32 pages) WW Distribution Dedicated front cover Fully integrated into the main magazine. Source: * Global readership Survey 2011/**EMS UK 2012/*** Premier TGI 2012 +HTSI readership survey Jun 2011

13 Racing special Published annually to coincide with the Monaco Grand Prix. There has always been a very strong resonance between the über glamorous world of motor racing and the luxury sector in terms oflifestyle. These specials will appeal to all brands with the desire to align themselves with the glamour and prestige that surrounds racing, in an editorial environment that upholds and reflects those values. Including clients: READERS 41% of male readers wanted to see more editorial on cars/motors (top requested subject after mens fashion and ahead of watches) 78% enjoy/participate in sports Motors/Cars – top 5 investment opportunity Over a third of Saturday FT readers are interested in cars/motoring as an editorial subject (within a magazine environment) KEY DETAILS Min of 24 pages (max of 32 pages) WW Distribution Dedicated front cover Fully integrated into the main magazine. Source: HTSI readership survey 2011

14 Beauty special Published bi-annually our UK only beauty special capitalises on the FTs editorial excellence in covering this sector. How To Spend Its Vicci Bentley was the winner of this years Jasmine Award (Eau To Be In England) in the News Press Literary Award category and winner of the coveted Best of the Best Award (2012). READERS Almost half of our female readers would like to see more content around beauty.** Total spend in the past 12 months*: - $38.4m on beauty and body treatments for themselves $27.2m on skincare for themselves $13.9 on skincare as gifts $4.3m on cosmetics for themselves KEY DETAILS Min of 24 pages (max of 32 pages) WW Distribution Dedicated front cover Fully integrated into the main magazine. Source: *Premier TGI 2012 / ** HTSI readership survey 2011

15 Creative Opportunities We can provide a number of creative opportunities to include special creative such as gatefolds, wardrobe doors and fragrance strips, as well as inserts and advertisement features. For advertisement features please contact John Chadwick-Jones on +44 (0)20 7841 8721 or email For inserts please contact Kabelo Nkoana on +44 (0)20 7873 3916 or email For other bespoke opportunities, please contact your usual representative. Wardrobe doors Gatefold

16 FT Average Daily Global Audience PRINT READERSHIPONLINE READERSHIPTABLETSMART PHONEDUPLICATINGNET TOTAL UK301,000200,34810,3689,242(69,608)451,350 CEMEA605,449155,2888,0964,534(64,688)708,679 ASIA158,809131,9404,5983,700(51,283)247,764 AMERICAS486,785289,1888,4945,880(102,237)688,110 GLOBAL1,552,043776,76431,55623,356(287,816)2,095,903 FT Average Daily Global Audience (ADGA), May 2012, assured by PricewaterhouseCoopers

17 Audience The how to spend it audience are exclusive and hard to reach elsewhere Q: Which of the following monthly magazines do you read regularly (at least 3 out of 4 issues?) Weekday vs. Weekend Audience Though with the same propensity to spend on luxury and indulge in the finer things in life, the weekday and the weekend readers are very different audiences. 33% of FT Weekend readers read the weekday product and 26% of weekday readers read the FT Weekend 48% Weekday 744,981 readers 17% Weekday & Weekend 35% Weekend 543,215 readers Source: FT HTSI Survey (n=2170) Source: ADGA May 2012 & NRS July 2011 – June 2012

18 Summary Benchmark for luxury magazines – 11 times winner of national colour supplement of the year Award winning editorial though out the magazine Special sections Global affluent audience – 21% millionaires Exclusive hard to reach international audience Weekday vs weekend – different audience, same spending power Over half consider themselves early adopters of technology, with a quarter of our readers browsing the internet on a tablet device Longevity – readers keep each copy an average of eight days Globally renowned luxury brands Fully integrated print and digital platforms – new website launched September 2012 Special executions and bespoke opportunities – wardrobe doors, gatefolds, inserts, advertisement features



21 Calendar *Will be published on the 23 November Europe & Asia only, US only on the 14 December All editions run worldwide PUBLICATION DATECOPY DEADLINE JANUARY05How to Spend ItMON 10 DEC FEBRUARY02How to Spend ItMON 14 JAN 16Smart ArtsMON 28 JAN MARCH02How to Spend ItMON 11 FEB 16Passion for FashionMON 25 FEB 22Friday Edition (Including Property Special)MON 4 MAR APRIL06How to Spend ItMON 18 MAR 12Friday Edition (Including Mens Fashion Special)FRI 22 MAR 20Superior InteriorsTHURS 28 MAR MAY04How to Spend It (including Beauty Special)MON 15 APR 18Travel UnravelledTHURS 25 APR 24Friday Edition (including Racing Special)FRI 3 MAY JUNE01How to Spend ItMON 13 MAY 07Friday Edition (Including Property Special)MON 20 MAY 15Boats that RockFRI 24 MAY JULY06How to Spend ItMON 17 JUN AUGUST03How to Spend ItMON 15 JUL SEPTEMBER07How to Spend ItMON 19 AUG 21Passion For FashionFRI 30 AUG 27Friday Edition (Including Property Special)MON 9 SEPT OCTOBER05How to Spend ItMON 16 SEPT 11Friday Edition (Including Mens Fashion Special)MON 23 SEPT 19Superior InteriorsMON 30 SEPT 26Travel UnravelledMON 7 OCT NOVEMBER02How to Spend ItMON 14 OCT 08Friday EditionMON 21 OCT 16Christmas UnwrappedMON 28 OCT 23*Fine Times (Including Beauty Special)MON 4 NOV DECEMBER07How to Spend ItMON 18 NOV 13Friday EditionMON 25 NOV

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