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Creating a Character Through Dialogue

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1 Creating a Character Through Dialogue
To use dialogue to show the personality of the character. To use the correct conventions of speech. To include both direct and reported speech in a dialogue. To include adverbs to describe how an action is done. To include other words instead of said.

2 How do we create a character through the words they say? By K. Broad.
Candles were glowing inside of the cottage, flickering brightly against the shutters and glistening against the wet pathway. Cassie knocked lightly on the door, standing back and taking a deep breath, waiting patiently to be invited inside. “Go away!” came the gruff voice from inside. “Please..” Cassie begged desperately. “I’ve come to help. The doctor sent me” “I’m not opening the door to strangers. Now- is not the time.” The unfriendly answer was harsh and Cassie felt that she did not deserve to be mistrusted without first introducing herself properly.

3 “Mr. Foster, really, I don’t mean to trouble you. I am a nurse…
“Mr. Foster, really, I don’t mean to trouble you. I am a nurse…. sent to help you…. with your daughter. She’s a very sick girl!” Cassie struggled pathetically to get the words out. Mr. Foster sounded cold and distant through the door. Cassie was frozen through her cape, which fluttered wildly in the growing breeze. Cassie turned slowly to leave. She knew when she wasn’t wanted. It hurt her to disappear when a little girl was in need, but there was nothing she could do.

4 Which dialogue is reported and which is direct?
“Wait!” came the shout from the doorway. Mr. Foster apologised quickly for doubting Cassie but he didn’t want strangers dealing with his daughter when she was in so much pain. “I understand Mr. Foster, your little girl needs more help and I have been sent to help you.” Cassie replied truthfully. Cassie continued to explain how the doctor had been detained on an emergency and would be arriving shortly. Eventually, Mr. Foster opened his door and motioned for Cassie to enter. She stepped cautiously into the room. The unfriendly approach with Mr. Foster had unnerved her and Cassie did not know how to reassure him.

5 “You had better get on with it, although I don’t know what you think you can do!” Mr. Foster coughed loudly, “My daughter is through there, take care not to startle her.” “Believe me Mr. Foster, I will do nothing of the sort. The doctor would not have had me come out here at this time of night alone without the hope that I might do some good.” Cassie felt her cheeks glowing warmly with her sudden outburst. Cassie was used to feeling welcome when she tended to others in need.

6 Cassie entered a small room, dimly lit with bundles of blankets warmly wrapped around a quivering girl. She told Cassie to sit on the edge of the bed and not to worry about her Father who treated others coldly. Cassie could see that she had a temperature and although she looked about fourteen she had lost a lot of weight. The infection had obviously affected her greatly, leaving her unable to get up. “Could you open your mouth, and look this way?” Cassie requested gently. “My throat is very sore, it hurts to swallow.” the girl coughed harshly. “I understand, just for a moment then.” Cassie requested again politely, hoping to put the girl at ease. “I have felt so ill for such a long time, but I never told Father, he worries so much.” the girl explained weakly.

7 “Don’t worry. With the proper care we’ll have you fit again in no time
“Don’t worry. With the proper care we’ll have you fit again in no time.” Cassie smiled brightly, trying to sound hopeful although she knew the girl would be lucky. She was breathing shallowly and Cassie suspected that her lungs were also damaged. Cassie explained that the girl had to take some medicine every day until the next time she visited and that she needed to rest completely. “Thank you for coming Cassie” the girl gratefully replied, feeling better already. “I’ll be back, just as long as that Father of yours allows me in!” Cassie smiled warmly. She would risk Mr. Foster again as long as his daughter became well again…..

8 Toolkit for writing Dialogue
Use speech marks for direct speech. Use the correct commas, question marks and exclamation marks. Put each new speaker on a new line. Use some reported speech in long conversations. Use a variety of words instead of said. Include adverbs to describe how words are said.

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