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Learning Geography Project Michael Bradford University of Manchester.

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1 Learning Geography Project Michael Bradford University of Manchester

2 design of study volunteers to be interviewed in groups throughout their three years - biased sample - insights not representation grouped initially according to varying backgrounds straight from school/college - gap/mature private - state selective - non-selective 11-18 school - 6th form college

3 design of study -continued Sept/ Feb/ May small groups from 1-5 started with 24 (initially wanted 15) Sept. wanted to know about learning and teaching at school/college Feb. first semester reflections, relative to school/college May second semester reflections before exams - relative to initial expectations

4 Currently in third year Midway through a session on dissertation so far, fieldcourse and year2 Just going to talk about any ah-hah moments and more gradual change over last year.

5 some methodological comments by giving them a sheet to complete, and then ask questions about it, meant that they had time to reflect - not a normal interview - varied who went first seeing them in groups (preferably 3-4) meant that similarities and variations could be discussed probing from answers from previous groups feedback on process from them > ownership (reasonable retention)

6 some findings (from year 1) various types of learning - a number did not like to read major differences from school - reading around a subject - major challenge and for some, seen as major progress during first semester - for others least progress the art of the precis - not present - ability to study independently lost ground (Curriculum 2000)

7 Ah-hah moments Synthesis – revising for key issues it all clicked - my course units seemed to fit together linking themes -seeing all my primary data together once collected – into place -writing literature review (draft) clarified where I was going (for dissertation)

8 Ah-hah moments (cont) Revelation - inspiration - one sentence in a book gave me a new dissertation idea - in key issues I went from being a physical geographer to a human geographer – I realised all knowledge was socially constructed

9 Ah-hah moments (cont) Confidence + - when I received my 2 nd year results - when I discovered something in my research that ties in with theory (also revelation)

10 Ah-hah moments (cont) Realising the relevance (about past learning and teaching) - Why we interviewed a member of staff in yr1 sem 2 and why we did research designs and methodologies in such detail (all when applied to her dissertation)

11 Gradual learning Improved reading (many) more widely and critically planning and reading (critically) Analytical skills Research skills Prioritising - time management Working with others – both in teams and learning together

12 Gradual learning (cont) Deeper understanding and wider significance -shied from theory but now understanding theoretical base – a deep understanding facilitates an appreciation of the effects of small things - critical complex and theory-based - wider concepts – understanding place, space, scale and power - relating theory to own studies in dissertation (not done before)

13 comments This is a device to obtain feedback on the whole curriculum How parts relate to one another at one time and over time These are brighter, keener students, more self-aware so we need to help all students to articulate their learning and development (pdps maybe)


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