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Creating an understanding of the role of intrapreneurs for students. Pauline Kneale and Samantha Aspinall University of Leeds

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1 Creating an understanding of the role of intrapreneurs for students. Pauline Kneale and Samantha Aspinall University of Leeds

2 Macrae,N 1976 The Coming Entrepreneurial Revolution Macrae, N 1982 Intrapreneurial Now, The Economist Pinchot, G & Pinchot, E 1978 Intra-corporate Entrepreneurship Pinchot,G 1985 Intrapreneuring Pinchot, G & Pinchot, E 1994 The Intelligent Organization Pinchot, G & Pellman, R 1999 Intrapreneuring in Action Intrapreneurship

3 Intrapreneur Anyone who behaves with entrepreneurial spirit within a large organization

4 According to Pinchot Intrapreneurs are "dreamers who do," those who take hands-on responsibility for creating innovation of any kind within an organization. Innovation is the introduction of something new - an idea, process, product or method. Intrapreneur

5 How Innovation Happens Inspiration Goals Plan Fooling Around Doing Plans Mistakes Failure Goals Some Other Action Plan Action Goals Inspiration Success Pinchot 1999

6 Intrapreneurs are people who can invigorate and reinvigorate businesses, organizations and other groups through : recognizing opportunities (through research, screening and analyzing). drawing up a business plan with marketing and financial professionals. building a team to develop and implement the project. Social entrepreneurs / intrapreneurs it is not necessarily about money

7 Intrapreneurial activity by a fairly new / young member of a group or company could include: Spotting ways to improve a service, saving time or money, or just making life easier. Seeing the scope for variations on current products, or a new product. Realising that there are other ways the company or group can communicate with and respond to their audience or customers Understanding how a job could be done smarter Seeing how the quality of a service or product could be enhanced Finding ways to do administration more smoothly Finding ways to enhance the workplace atmosphere / sociability / working day to the advantage of staff and employers.

8 Tactics to help a junior intrapreneur to succeed. (Pinochet and Pelman 1999) Test ideas casually with friends who can point out basic flaws and ask challenging questions. Keep ideas from natural enemies as long as possible to avoid opposition. Promote ideas modestly and constructively. Test casually on potential customers to check the project is realisable and profitable. Accept suggestions gratefully. Always look to network the idea so it can be thought about from many aspects. Dont give up at the first sign of disappointment.

9 Not the heroic model Engaging visitors to country park Recycling and networking businesses Save the Children – instant appeal

10 Issues from the cases Nature of the briefing materials, non trivial, detailed, challenging in the time presented, academically on target Task too much to do in the time to encourage TM, group work etc … skills. The tutors role to encourage groups to keep going … Enforce sharing of material Challenging but appropriate presentation Managing participation issues Appropriate debriefing – what happened? Meta-cognitive element – what have I learned and what will I do as a result? Links to action plans and PDP Material longevity

11 Comments Cases should be fun and creative They can motivate a massive amount of learning Students tend to give them lots of time, so make sure they are given appropriate weight They are a consistent quality experience as compared with work experience They have intended and unintended learning outcomes – these need capturing in the debriefing. (What else have you learned?) They need post experience debriefing properly each time Can teach large numbers Experiential learning. It is so different from being told something Students like them:

12 Student Comments Working on designing questions this really made me think about how important it is to prepare and how much you can do in a short time. Students researching skills development options. I hadnt realised how much is done in the Union and at the (campus) workshops. This is really big business, people all over the world take this stuff seriously. I was surprised how much there is. It shows you can make a difference even as a temporary employee, I hadnt thought before about how I could get my ideas across effectively. Being the newest person at work always made me feel unconfident and I can see that putting these ideas in... … would make me feel more involved and more confident. I hadnt thought about networking at all, but this really showed you can get a lot from being a bit organised, although Im not usually that way.

13 Where do we locate enterprising skills in the curriculum? Enterprise like employability skills are diverse, they can be integrated into curriculum in various ways Modules that address career opportunities Within subject modules 1 / 2 / 3hr etc experiences. Development in skills is not achieved overnight Not just modules – need a programme approach PDP links

14 WHITE ROSE CENTRE FOR EXCELLENCE IN THE TEACHING AND LEARNING OF ENTERPRISE The CETL Ambition is to provide another stimulus to students to actively consider learning more about enterprise as it relates directly to their degree programme provide enterprise teaching resources and support accessible to all staff within the consortium (and especially in the Social Science, Arts and Humanities (SSAH) disciplines where such provision is less developed). provide students with real and simulated interdisciplinary business experience using the micro-incubator and a business simulator; Each campus will have teaching and learning Enterprise Zones reward demonstrated excellence by teaching staff with prestige teaching prizes and funded study visits

15 other/casestudies/ Cases and associated materials:

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