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Directors Forum NWeS Centre Malcolm Atkinson Director e-Science Institute & e-Science Envoy 12 th April 2007.

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1 Directors Forum NWeS Centre Malcolm Atkinson Director e-Science Institute & e-Science Envoy 12 th April 2007

2 Action this day (from July 2006) Develop the common goals Identify urgent & achievable priorities Strengthen the alliances Centres OMII-UK NGS … Integrate effort Commit to collaboration Within the UK Internationally Focus on Concepts and Methods Then technology should follow & support

3 E-Science E-Science is the systematic development of methods using advanced informatics to enable better research.

4 E-Science: Three Elements Research projects applying e-Science methods Research advancing e-Science methods and pioneering new technology to enable them Investment in support that helps researchers benefit from e-Science.

5 Todays Challenges Establishing a Strategy at SAT Sustaining the Synergy & Alliances Finding Resources Flying the Flag of e-Science Producing evidence of value Our place in Europe - home of UK NGI

6 Support Synergy > Five Years of Successful e-Science Three Significant Strengths Established Their synergy is vital Support of Communities & Breadth of Applications Research Projects e-Infrastructure innovation Slides from EPSRC SAT meeting Edinburgh 27th March 2007

7 Changes Expected Ubiquitous & mobile computing Web2.0 effects Industry effects Growth in breadth of applications All EPSRC disciplines Increase in uptake International collaboration

8 Leading to Integration All scales of research Individual to global team All scales of computation Computational mites to HECToR All scales of data Earth observation to a single field observation All time scales Decades of observation to quick experiment Public and private science

9 Winning strategies Being more adept at Finding information and partners Assembling and supporting a research team Assimilating ideas and methods Adapting and integrating methods for the research goal Delivering supporting evidence for publication or patent faster Depends on Networks, Education & UK critical mass

10 Action needed Encourage interdisciplinary research Invest in Research in e-Science Methods Technology that enables methods Systematic & transferable Support EPSRC researchers To adopt e-Science methods With economic and suitable e-Infrastructure

11 Interdisciplinarity How do we support it? How do we encourage it? How do we recognise it?

12 E-Science Innovation How do we stimulate the invention of new methods? How do we demonstrate their value? How do we create the technology that enables them?

13 Support for e-Science What support is needed? How do we support researchers adopting new methods? How do we support e-Infrastructure? How do we persuade others to collaborate towards the e-Infrastructure the UK researchers need?

14 Evidence of Value How do we measure the value of e-Science? How do we show the value of sharing?

15 Endangered Species? Do computing science researchers need protection?

16 Resources Where can we find resources? How much can we find through alliances? What proportion should we allocate to each goal?

17 Discussion

18 Malcolms Model - take 1 eSCP 5py Other RCs ~5py Research >5py Research drivers e-Science Methods Research e-Infrastructure support JISC ~5py ~2 ~3 ~5 ~2? ~1 ~5 ~6 ~2 >5 EPSRC ICT ~2py NGS & NGI S/W & data OTE & Consulting

19 Decisions Action on SC07 Note outcome at SAT Email from John Gordon Collaborate with UK HPC presence? MOST Chinese visit June 2007 - tour of sites Selection of site & time for e-Science AHM 2008 Where? Partnered? Action on UK OGF Board deputy Action on OGF-Europe bid Letter of Support request Action at e-IRG meetings Action send students to ISSGC07 Follow on to SUPER

20 Recent Engagements EPSRC Pilots AHM, NeSC, 28 March 07

21 Planned Engagements

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