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Presented by: Prof Mark Baker ACET, University of Reading Tel: +44 118 378 8615 Web:

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1 Presented by: Prof Mark Baker ACET, University of Reading Tel: +44 118 378 8615 E-mail: Web: An Introduction to Clouds March 24, 09

2 What is Cloud Computing? Providing Software as a Service (SaaS) - delivering applications over the Internet. More recently also Hardware infrastructure, platform as a service. Based on Utility Computing - pay-as-you-go: –The under lying idea of infinite resources, –No up-front costs, –Billing (e.g. hourly). March 24,

3 Different Cloud Computing Layers Application Service (SaaS) Application Platform Server Platform Storage Platform Amazon S3, Dell, Apple,... 3Tera, EC2, SliceHost, GoGrid, RightScale, Linode Google App Engine, Mosso,, Engine Yard, Facebook, Heroku, AWS MS Live/ExchangeLabs, IBM, Google Apps; Quicken Online, Zoho, Cisco March 24,

4 Virtualization Virtual workspaces: –An abstraction of an execution environment that can be made dynamically available to authorised clients by using well- defined protocols, –Resource quota (e.g. CPU, memory share) –Software configuration (e.g. O/S, provided services) Implement on Virtual Machines (VMs): –Abstraction of a physical host machine –Hypervisor intercepts and emulates instructions from VMs and allows management of VMs –VMWare, Xen, etc. Provide infrastructure API: –Plug-ins to hardware/support structures March 24, Hardware OS App Hypervisor OS Virtualized Stack

5 Cloud-Sourcing Why is it becoming a Big Deal: –Using high-scale/low-cost providers, –Any time/place access via web browser, –Rapid scalability; incremental cost and load sharing, –Can forget need to focus on local IT. Concerns: –Performance, reliability, and SLAs, –Control of data, and service parameters, –Application features and choices, –Interaction between Cloud providers, –No standard API – mix of SOAP and REST! –Privacy, security, compliance, trust… March 24,

6 Different types of Cloud Amazon: –Computing in the cloud! –EC2 (with S3, SQS and SimpleDB), –Use Xen VMs, –Workflow and Security. Google: –Apps: Python module/API, –Working also with IBM. Microsoft: –Azure! Yahoo: –Pipes, Working with Computational Research Laboratories Sun/IBM/HP and others… March 24,

7 Cloud Schedule March 24, Day 2: Cloud-based Services 0930 -Welcome and Introduction to Day 2 of the Workshop, Mark Baker 0945 - An Introduction to Cloud-based Services, Paul Watson, Newcastle 1035 -Tea/Coffee (15 minutes) 1050 -The Open Cirrus Cloud Computing Testbed, Marcel Kunze - opencirrus 1140 - Clouds and Services for Data Intensive Research, Roger Barga, MS 1230 - Lunch (60 minutes) 1330 - Developing Applications for Cloud Computing Platforms, Jeremy Cohen, IC 1415 -The Attraction of Cloud to Enterprise, vision and reality, Ian Osborne 1500 - Coffee 1515 - Cloud-based Security Services, Richard Sinnott, Glasgow 1600 - IBM and Dynamic Infrastructure, Doug Neilson, IBM 1645 - Panel and General Discussion about the days activities (45 minutes)

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