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Visualisation for Software Management Claire Knight

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1 Visualisation for Software Management Claire Knight

2 Outline General introduction Background The importance of e Examples Future Opinions

3 Introduction BT Fellowship Program comprehension Visualisation Distributed system comprehension and visualisation Jigsaw

4 Background Corporate Data Planning for future changes Non-delete approach Decision recording Management tool What-if…

5 e-Science Culture Different focus Generalisation vs Parameterisation Solutions that work (at least now) Extensible solutions Research challenges for all Cultural differences

6 Organisational Effects Worst case – the entire system Best case – system accommodates necessary changes, minimal change Compound impact - unseen ripple effects Managerial not appreciating the technical

7 e-Issues I Different conceptual model Interoperability Communication Transactions Overheads

8 e-Issues II Non-localised resources Control and responsibility Paradigm shift for cost/expenditure Reliant on new technologies, themselves in infancy and subject to rapid change

9 Visualisation


11 Planning for the Future Key concept - plan and record Know current state Handle What if … Reduce future search space given new constraints Use historical knowledge for future decisions

12 Traffic light system Extra means of visual presentation Distinction between parts Parameterised and customisable Colour Coding

13 Timelines Trace through time Visual display of change System stack created, timelines as specific paths through Object representations pinpoint where exact information is known

14 Versions and Variants Objects – generic visual representation Present known facts Used for: Versions – next release Variants – forking Colour/filtering useful addition

15 Example – Objects




19 Example – Timelines






25 Example – Projections

26 Example – Scenario






32 Shaping e-Science Projects

33 Software System Evolution Inherent Technology Management/User Requirements External Hidden impacts Different distributed rates

34 Software Comprehension Hard problem Compounded by distribution Problems: Code interactions Debugging and repeatability Unreliability of external sources

35 Distributed… …Project [Management] Or … [Project] Management Distinction important Influences decisions Central repository/planning/ visualisation

36 Summary Background Initial issues to consider Organisational e Visualisation example Additional concerns

37 What You Can Do Archive decisions Preserve historical data Plan for the future Visualise For understanding For communication

38 Questions?

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