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Accessing the MCS via the Economic and Social Data Service Jack Kneeshaw and Alasdair Crockett MCS workshop 20 November 2003 ESDS Longitudinal.

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1 Accessing the MCS via the Economic and Social Data Service Jack Kneeshaw and Alasdair Crockett MCS workshop 20 November 2003 ESDS Longitudinal

2 Economic and Social Data Service new national data archiving and dissemination service provides access and support for key economic and social data distributed service, bringing together centres of expertise in data creation, dissemination, preservation and use provides seamless and easier access to a range of disparate resources for UK Higher and Further Education sectors core archiving services plus four specialist data services

3 Specialist data services ESDS Government ESDS International ESDS Longitudinal ESDS Qualidata Greater emphasis on: value-added data and documentation enhanced resource discovery improved delivery services service specific help online support materials training programme outreach and promotion

4 Partners UK Data Archive, University of Essex Manchester Information and Associated Services (MIMAS), University of Manchester Cathie Marsh Centre for Census and Survey Research (CCSR), University of Manchester Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER), University of Essex

5 About ESDS Longitudinal

6 ESDS Longitudinal Joint enterprise: UK Data Archive (UKDA) UK Longitudinal Studies Centre (ULSC) based at ISER supports a range of longitudinal data collections but four core collections in particular: British Cohort Study (BCS70) British Household Panel Survey (BHPS) Millennium Cohort Study (MCS) National Child Development Study (NCDS)

7 ESDS Longitudinal In addition to core studies ESDS Longitudinal will also: aim to identify other longitudinal datasets for inclusion, e.g. English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA), the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) and the 1946 Birth Cohort (NSHD) via the UKDA, continue to make available other longitudinal studies such as the LFS (2 and 5 quarter), YCS, HALS and BEPS

8 ESDS Longitudinal The service already provides: a helpdesk service operated by –email: –telephone: +44 (0)1206 872143 –JISCmail discussion list: web-based Frequently Asked Questions web-based downloadable data files online data in Nesstar to facilitate the browsing of longitudinal datasets (inc. the NCDS and BCS70) a series of meetings and workshops for both novice and more advanced users


10 ULSC/ESDS Longitudinal For the future – ULSCs Cohorts Enhancement Project: online facilities will include a searchable directory of researchers' interests and a catalogue providing details of other longitudinal data collections the provision of harmonised data standards across all NCDS/BCS70 waves or sweeps improved information on weighting, missing data, statistical adjustments and additional derived variables the development of an online system for visualisation of documentation, subsetting and data matching the use of confidential, geo-coded data under secure access conditions (BHPS)

11 Centre for Longitudinal Studies working with ULSC to provide improved user access to all the cohort materials provides access to non-archived data advice and guidance documentation/working papers/data notes information on uses of the data/publications/other developments

12 Data Deposit, Processing, Retrieval and Access

13 Millennium Cohort data available via the ESDS

14 Ensuring confidentiality CMs promised confidentiality datasets deposited with UKDA are fully anonymised datasets go through further process of checking at the UKDA UKDA users undertake not to identify individuals

15 Retrieval and Access web access, via UKDA site, to data and metadata documentation (codebooks, questionnaires) freely available to any UKDA user (registered or unregistered) data can be browsed and frequencies run by any user (registered or unregistered) using Nesstar full datasets are freely available for download for the majority of our registered users data supplied in a variety of formats –SPSS –STATA –tab-delimited text

16 Online access for unregistered users UKDA web pages - easy to navigate format –Search catalogue facility –subject browsing - e.g. major series –HASSET thesaurus –access to online doc - pdf user guides and questionnaires Nesstar –browse data and metadata for a selection of data, inc. NCDS and BCS70 –run frequencies

17 Unregistered users demo

18 Online access for registered users Registered users can: download full datasets order data via online order system browse/analyse/download data in Nesstar To register: complete online form sign and return data access agreement (legal undertaking) (to access data) register a project

19 Registered users demo

20 Nesstar Nesstar provides quick and easy access to data and information about that data via a standard web browser. Anyone can: search for and list datasets browse dataset documentation (including codebook and frequencies) Non-commercial users registered with UKDA accounts can: browse and analyse data visualise data (for example, produce graphs and pie charts) download data (including subsets) in a number of formats (including SPSS, SAS and STATA) bookmark searches and analyses

21 Nesstar demo

22 ESDS Longitudinal Help CLS +44 (0)207 612 6860 ESDS/UKDA +44 (0)1206 872143












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