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Unit 9 Have you ever been to an amusement park? Section B.

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2 Unit 9 Have you ever been to an amusement park? Section B

3 What do you want to be? I want to be a / an …

4 astronaut

5 judge

6 businesswoman

7 super star

8 What do you want to be? Tell your partner about your choice, and give your reasons.

9 3a Read this article from the Hilltop Language School newsletter and write answers to the questions.

10 1. What does Mei Shan do? She is a flight attendant. 2. How long has she had the job? She has had the job for 2 years.

11 3. Why did she want the job? Because she wanted to travel. 4. How long did she study English? She studied English for 5 years.

12 5. What kind of job does David want? He wants to be a tour guide. 6. Has he ever been to an English-speaking country? No.

13 7. How long has he been studying at the school? He’s been studying at the school for one year. 8. What other job is he thinking of doing? He might become an English teacher instead.


15 flight attendant

16 tour guide

17 It is / was because + 句子:那是因为 …… It is because he is too foolish. 那是因为他太蠢了。 It is because you’re eating too much. 那是因为你吃得太多了。

18 for example such as

19 such as 一般用来列举同类人或物中的几个例 子,插在被列举的例子和前面的名词之间, as 后没有逗号。在使用 such as 时应注意后面列举 事物的数量不能等于前面所提事物的总和,若 相等时用 namely 或 that is 。

20 He has been to many countries, such as America, Japan and Germany. 他去过很多国家,比如美国、日本和德国。 He can speak three foreign languages, namely Chinese, English and French. 他能说三门外语,即汉语、英语和法语。

21 for example 一般只举同类人或物中的一个 为例,作插入语,可置于句首、句中或句 末。如: For example, air is invisible. 例如,空气是看不见的。 He, for example, is a good student. 例如,他就是个好学生。

22 Write an article about yourself for the school magazine. Write about: the kind of job you want how long you have been studying English why you started studying English what you like best about studying English

23 understand decidetravelimprovestart 1.My English writing is good, but I need to my listening skills. 2. I don’t. Could you explain that again, please? improve understand

24 3. The children __________ watching the film at 2 o’clock and it hasn’t finished yet. 4. Have you what you want to do after school? 5. He is a tour guide. He has _________ all over Europe. started decided traveled

25 Interview some people where they have been, and what they think of the places. Then write a short report with the information you get.

26 A: Where have you been ? B: I have been to an amusement park in Guangzhou. A: Do you like it? B: Yes, I like it very much. A: Why? B: Because …

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