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ESRS Data Policy ESDS role in its successful implementation Kristine Doronenkova,

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1 ESRS Data Policy ESDS role in its successful implementation Kristine Doronenkova,

2 Overview Strategic framework ESRC data policy ESDS role in implementing data policy Future considerations

3 Strategic framework ESRC Strategic Plan: to exploit the potential of existing data sources... and to provide new ways to disseminate them as widely as possible... commitment to provide safe and secure access not only to all of our data resources but also those provided by other organisations National Data Strategy: to maximise the research potential of existing data and to create new resources, developing better access to existing data and facilitating a broad research agenda OECD principle: publicly funded research data should be easily accessible so that they can be often and as widely as possible

4 Strategic Role of the Research Resources: Strengthening research capacity through data infrastructure and methods Aim: to create a world class UK social science infrastructure that will underpin the delivery of highest quality social and economic research Maximise easy and effective access to that infrastructure Drive forward the development and uptake of leading edge methodological tools and techniques to improve the creation, management and analysis of data resources Promote the widespread exploitation of the data infrastructure across and beyond the social science community Develop and promote access to the broader information resources that underpin high quality social science research Ensure the human resource capacity to utilise the infrastructure Data access and management is one of our key priorities

5 ESRC Data policy Central principle: taking a lead in developing a coherent and comprehensive data infrastructure and facilitating access to and use of data Implementing the policy: ESRC grant-holders are obliged to offer for deposit with the ESDS a copy of any data resulting from ESRC-funded research. - must be done within 3 months of end of a grant – is monitored by ESRC and ESDS - not all datasets accepted Making sure that access for academic research is open and freely available

6 ESDS is a key element of ERSC Data Policy Provides access and support for an extensive range of key economic and social data, both quantitative and qualitative, spanning many disciplines and themes Negotiates access to other datasets on behalf of social science community Promotes and encourages data usage in teaching and research via a web-based download service, specialist user support, training and workshops and a range of value-added data enhancements Acquires, processes, preserves and disseminates a range of data across the social sciences with the four specialist data services: ESDS Government ESDS International ESDS Longitudinal ESDS Qualidata

7 Future considerations To refresh and strengthen the ESRC Data Policy To improve existing provision for training in data management and handling Data management plan as a formal requirement?

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