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Seventh Grade Edition Brought to you by: Mrs. Amma.

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2 Seventh Grade Edition

3 Brought to you by: Mrs. Amma

4 HEREDITY JEOPARDY Traits Mitosis or Meiosis Genetics Terms Repro- duction Genetics Basics $100 $200 $300 $400 $500

5 Traits $100 Question Name three traits that you can inherit. ANSWER

6 Traits $100 Answer Height, eye color, hair color, chin shape, face shape, etc. BACK TO THE BOARD

7 Traits $200 Question What is an acquired trait? ANSWER

8 Traits $200 Answer A characteristic that you develop during your life. Learned behaviors like riding a bike, reading and talking. BACK TO THE BOARD

9 Traits $300 Question What is the full name for DNA and what is it’s purpose? ANSWER

10 Traits $300 Answer Deoxyribonucleic Acid-chemical that contains genetic information for an organism. BACK TO THE BOARD

11 Traits $400 Question Where are genes specifically located? Don’t say DNA! ANSWER

12 Traits $400 Answer Chromosomes BACK TO THE BOARD

13 Traits $500 Question A human skin cell has 46 chromosomes, after cell division (mitosis) how many chromosomes will daughter cells have? ANSWER

14 Traits $500 Answer 46 because mitosis produces identical offspring. BACK TO THE BOARD

15 Mitosis or Meiosis $100 Question If you want to know the inheritable traits in an organism you can look at a pedigree. In a pedigree you are looking for the results of mitosis or meiosis? ANSWER

16 Mitosis or Meiosis $100 Answer Meiosis BACK TO THE BOARD

17 Mitosis or Meiosis $200 Question Body cells reproduce using this method. ANSWER

18 Mitosis or Meiosis $200 Answer Mitosis BACK TO THE BOARD

19 Mitosis or Meiosis $300 Question Creates identical offspring ANSWER

20 Mitosis or Meiosis $300 Answer Mitosis BACK TO THE BOARD

21 Mitosis or Meiosis $400 Question Punnett squares are used to illustrate how parents alleles might combine and shows the probability of inheriting traits. What process controls this type of inheritance? ANSWER

22 Mitosis or Meiosis $400 Answer Meiosis BACK TO THE BOARD

23 Mitosis or Meiosis $500 Question What are the names of human gametes or sex cells for males and females? How many chromosomes do they contain? ANSWER

24 Mitosis or Meiosis $500 Answer Male-Sperm-23 Female-Egg-23 BACK TO THE BOARD

25 Genetics Terms $100 Question Tall, short, blue eyes, brown eyes are examples of this term. ANSWER

26 Genetics Terms $100 Answer Phenotypes BACK TO THE BOARD

27 Genetics Terms $200 Question Weaker genes that are often masked by more dominant ones. ANSWER

28 Genetics Terms $200 Answer Recessive Genes BACK TO THE BOARD

29 Genetics Terms $300 Question A person that expresses the dominant phenotype but has a recessive allele in their DNA. ANSWER

30 Genetics Terms $300 Answer Carrier BACK TO THE BOARD

31 Genetics Terms $400 Question Another name for a hybrid species. ANSWER

32 Genetics Terms $400 Answer Heterozygous BACK TO THE BOARD

33 Genetics Terms $500 Question A trait that has either two dominant alleles or two recessive alleles, but not both together ANSWER

34 Genetics Terms $500 Answer Homozygous BACK TO THE BOARD

35 Reproduction $100 Question How do body cells and bacteria reproduce? ANSWER

36 Reproduction $100 Answer Asexual reproduction or cell division. BACK TO THE BOARD

37 Reproduction $200 Question Which type of reproduction produces offspring that receives half of its genes from its mother and half of its genes from its father. ANSWER

38 Reproduction $200 Answer Sexual Reproduction BACK TO THE BOARD

39 Reproduction $300 Question This type of reproduction is involves cell division and produces offspring that is identical to the parents. ANSWER

40 Reproduction $300 Answer Asexual Reproduction BACK TO THE BOARD

41 Reproduction $400 Question True or False A body cell has the same number of chromosomes as a sex cell. ANSWER

42 Reproduction $400 Answer False A sex cell contains half the number of chromosomes that a body cell has. BACK TO THE BOARD

43 Reproduction $500 Question How many chromosome pairs does a human have? ANSWER

44 Reproduction $500 Answer 23 pairs-46 total chromosomes BACK TO THE BOARD

45 Genetics $100 Question What are the sex chromosomes for male and female? ANSWER

46 Genetics $100 Answer Male = XY Female = XX BACK TO THE BOARD

47 Genetics $200 Question What is the difference between a genotype and a phenotype? ANSWER

48 Genetics $200 Answer A genotype is the genetic code for the trait that an organism has. A phenotype is the physical features or visible traits that the genes code for. BACK TO THE BOARD

49 Genetics $300 Question What would the alleles for a heterozygous hybrid look like? ANSWER

50 Genetics $300 Answer They would have a capital letter and a lower case letter. BACK TO THE BOARD

51 Genetics $400 Question If two people don’t express the recessive phenotype for a gene, how can they have a child that does express the recessive phenotype? ANSWER

52 Genetics $400 Answer The parent was a carrier for the trait. BACK TO THE BOARD

53 DAILY DOUBLE!!!! Question

54 Genetics $500 Question Two parents are heterozygous for hair color. Both parents have brown hair. How did they produce a blond haired child? ANSWER

55 Genetics $500 Answer Both parents are carriers of the recessive trait. BACK TO THE BOARD

56 FINAL JEOPARDY Draw a Punnett Square for the cross of two horses. The male that has a homozygous recessive genotype for white hair and a female that is heterozygous dominant genotype for black hair. -Determine the Punnet Square, ratio and percentage of phenotypes and genotypes of the offspring.


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