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Class Usability Experience User slides are in BLUE.

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1 Class Usability Experience User slides are in BLUE

2 Usability Experience Plan plan for the evaluation includes: Demographics of User Day/Time, setting, environment & location Scenario with tasks for the user to do Validation that your have a “True User” - Assurance that you have representative users. – What answers means you have a true user?

3 Please fill out and/or answer the following: 1.Your age ____ 2.Profession _______________ 3.Amount of free time per week ________ 4.Do you like to play games? Yes No 5.If no, would you play a game when you had free time. Yes No Thanks!

4 Usability Scenario You are a person that likes to play games when you have free time. You have lots of free time today. Is this true right now?______________ A friend has given you the URL for a fun game. /reversi/ /reversi/ You decide to try it out on the computer.. Remember to think out loud

5 Task 1. You have found the online Oreo Reversi game site and have decided to get started to be able play computer opponent. Do this now but don’t start playing yet. Please remember to think out loud. Please speak out loud the following information: Initial reactions and comments about what you see. Comments about how to do what you were asked to do. When you see the game board, you have completed Task 1 - please raise your hand.

6 Examples of Data Gathered in each TASK Recorded Time started Facial Expressions - Initial reactions- Comments Items clicked on the interface: Positive reactions: Negative reactions: Time Ended for task (raised hand).

7 Task 2. Without clicking anything, take a few minutes to look at the game. Please remember to think out loud. Tell us: What do you think of the game? Describe what you see. What can you do in the game? (Tell us all of what you think can be done in the game – don’t try anything yet!) What would you do to find help for the game? Do you see anything that would be your score? Please give us any other comments you have about what you see. When you feel you have given us all your impressions, you have completed Task 2 - please raise your hand.

8 Task 3. At this time we would like you to play the game. Please remember to think out loud. Please tell us what you will do each step of the game. Please tell us why: – you choose each of your moves. Please let us know if: – you think the game should do any else for you… Are you winning? When the game is over, – please take a few minutes, tell us what you understand about the game, and the experience you just had.

9 Task 4. This is your last task. Please remember to think out loud. Please find out how to play in the game. Please read out loud any information you find and give us your thoughts regarding the information you are reading. Please find out how do players win the game. Remember to think and read out loud. Once you have finished your comments, please raise your hand.

10 Remember you are “logging” Time:_____________ Items click on the interface: Positive reactions: Neutral reactions: Negative reactions: With the evaluation information collected you will create a 3 page report that shows

11 Final Questionnaire Did you enjoy yourself? What was the hardest? What was the easiest? What needs to improve? Any other comments you would like to give us?

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