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Organising a play environment Some understandings.

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1 Organising a play environment Some understandings

2 Organising a play environment Does every one understand their role in the setting? Does everyone understand their responsibilities in the setting?

3 Organising a play environment Workers need to be able to work well with each other to ensure: No ambiguity Clear, communication The needs of the children are understood and discussed regularly

4 Organising a play environment Resources are managed effectively: Tidied away Replenished Organised effectively Changed regularly

5 Organising a play environment Involving the children Children are active participants not passive observers in the play process Even very young children can be involved in e.g. choosing paint colours, mixing paints, organising areas Older children should be taking more responsibility with adults taking a back seat wherever possible.

6 Organising a play environment:- making it work A designated member of staff needs to have responsibility for planning and organising others All other team members need to have an understanding of their roles in the process Good record keeping is essential

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