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Source: Digital Media - Mrs. Huddleston CAPTION WRITING.

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1 Source: Digital Media - Mrs. Huddleston CAPTION WRITING

2 Digital MediaCaption Writing2  Captions are the most widely read copy in the yearbook. CAPTION ACTION

3 Digital MediaCaption Writing3  Captions link the photograph to and supplement the story.  Captions tell the reader what happened before and immediately after the captured action of the photograph.  Captions identify all people in the photograph on whom the action is centered. PURPOSE

4 Digital MediaCaption Writing4  ALL pictures get captions, no exceptions.  First sentence is always in present tense.  Later sentences are always in past tense.  Should be between 3-5 sentences. (One sentence summaries technically are not called captions; they are referred to as cut lines.) GUIDELINES

5 Digital MediaCaption Writing5  Answer 5Ws and H.  Identify ALL people in photograph.  Identify people going to left to right in the photograph, but do not label within the caption “Pictured left to right are...”  Include date of photograph if relevant. What’s in a caption?

6 Digital MediaCaption Writing6  The obvious. Do not simply restate what is going on in the picture. Give background information that is not evident to the reader.  The irrelevant. Stick to the facts of the story.  Beginning with names. This is simply very uncreative and is the lazy man’s method of writing captions. AVOID

7 Digital MediaCaption Writing7  Clichés.  Overusing gerunds.  Gerunds (verbs ending in “ing”) are fine to use on a limited basis, but not for every lead.  Editorializing, which means using your opinion in a news story. AVOID

8 Digital MediaCaption Writing8  School name, mascot name or school initials. This should already be obvious since this is the publication for this particular school.  School year or “this year”. All copy should obviously be about this school year.  Making predictions. You are reporting on what has already happened, not what might happen.  Compound and complex sentences. Always use simple sentences. AVOID

9 Digital MediaCaption Writing9  “Pictured above,” “Shown here,”  “Seems to,” “Appears to,” “Looks as if,” “Attempts to,” “Tries to,” or other phrases that fail to give an actual result.  To be verbs: is, are, was, were, etc.  “During” as a lead. It is fine when used in moderation in the body of the caption. AVOID

10 Digital MediaCaption Writing10  Check your facts.  Use quotes. Quotes should only be used if they add to the content of the story. Be sure to cite the person speaking and their grade level/title.  Use action verbs.  Elicit emotion. Draw the reader into the photograph and into the story. Don’t be afraid to make them laugh or cry. Definite Do’s

11 Digital MediaCaption Writing11  Use headlines. They should be short and clever, but never misleading.  Vary leads.  Use placement directions if captions are not directly tied to a photograph.  Record accurate figures. Never use ambiguous words such as “many,” “numerous,” “some,” “a lot,” etc. Definite Do’s

12 Digital MediaCaption Writing12  Use “said.”  Spell check.  Check your grammar.  Four reel. Definite Do’s

13 Digital MediaCaption Writing13 1.Short headline. 2.First sentence: Answer as many of the 5Ws and H as possible. Present tense. 3.Second+ sentences: Answer remaining 5Ws and H and give other background information. Past Tense. 4.Quote from person involved in action or eyewitness of action. Use “said.” THE FORMULA

14 Digital MediaCaption Writing14 1.Create a list of questions you want to know about this picture. IN CLASS ACTIVITY

15 Digital MediaCaption Writing15 Who is the skier? Others involved? Name of stunt? Day trip or vacation? Which lake? How long has subject been wakeboarding? Best memories of trip? Any low points? Interesting facts about subject, trip? Awards? PRs? IN CLASS ACTIVITY

16 Digital MediaCaption Writing16  Write a caption based on the following information. Junior Dillon Hanson, competitive wakeboarder Lake Powell, AZ Summer family vacation, June 2006 Best friend Steve Jones with family Annual vacation spot – 10 th summer Placed 2 nd in 2003 free-style category; 1 st in 2004 Practiced all week for July competitions “It was great to have the chance to practice before my competitions began in July. My family and friends are a huge support for me. Taking first after losing to a big rival last year made all my hard work worth it.” IN CLASS ACTIVITY

17 Digital MediaCaption Writing17  CONCENTRATION. During the annual family vacation at Lake Powell, junior Dillon Hanson practices for the Southern California Wakeboarding Competition in July. Hanson earned a first place medal in 2004 competition. “It was great to have the chance to practice before my competitions began in July,” he said. “My family and friends are a huge support for me. Taking first after losing to a big rival last year made all my hard work worth it.” EXPANDED


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